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Life Beyond Breast Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, & Spirit

Microphone for BTR showsCLICK HERE to listen to the Here We Are radio show episode, Life Beyond Breast Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, & Spirit.

If you are lost in a dark tunnel trying to find a life beyond breast cancer, then this is the show for you or someone you love.

Guests, Debbie Woodbury, and Lockey Maisonneuve, explain how healing the mind of the emotional grip of this ordeal, coupled with rehabilitative exercise to regain one's control over the body can put you on a beneficial path beyond the experience.

As cancer survivors, these ladies have both been down this path and share vulnerable, difficult moments, as well as a positive, real, and honest insight on making the most after the medical procedures are over. Learn from the philosophies and approach they offer during their live seminars for women going through the same experience.

You are not alone... Listen to this informative show, like their Facebook pages, take an exercise class, and join this much needed community experience that Debbie and Lockey are leading. Gain from what these ladies are offering as you work toward healing the mind, body and spirit.

Debbie Woodbury is a breast cancer survivor who, like other survivors moving beyond treatment, asked herself the question: Where do I go now? Her answer: she created Where We Go Now, an interactive community for cancer survivors living life beyond cancer. Where We Go Now is a place to share and connect through Debbie's blog, reader comments, the Gifts and Losses List, and her page on Facebook at Where We Go Now.com with Debbie Woodbury. She is excited to be a part of the richness of lives lived beyond cancer.

Lockey Maisonneuve is a personal trainer and breast cancer survivor. Lockey created MovingOn exercise programs for breast cancer survivors after experiencing the challenges that go along with rehabilitation and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. MovingOn exercise programs are THE final stage of recovery from breast cancer. You can find out about her classes and more at Moving On From Cancer, and Lockeys Moving On page on Facebook.


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