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October 2011: Spooktacular

"Alphabet For Life" by Renee Stewart

Cluster of pink white dalhias If you are feeling a bit like everything you do these days takes extra time and effort, you are not alone. Perhaps it's the change of seasons, too many to-do's on your list, or the wild energy after the crazy weather patterns of late... Whatever the reason, the ABC's to living life more fully may help you put life's daily clutter into perspective. I saw this small plaque and thought it carried a big message, so I'm sharing it with you.


Accept differences

Be Kind

Count your Blessings


Express Thanks


Give Freely

Harm No One

Imagine More

Jettison Anger

Keep Confidences

Love Truly

Master Something

Nurture Hope

Open Your Mind

Pack Lightly

Quell Rumors


Seek Wisdon

Touch Hearts


Value Truth

Win Graciously


Yearn for Peace

Zealously Support A Worthy Cause

~ Renee Stewart, Artist


Bonus: If you like this list, check out The ABC's of Aging Gracefully.

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Luci Weston

@DebbieWWGN: Thx! It is inspiring... And a good reminder of what's important to focus on when all the little stuff in life clouds the day. Thank you for sharing; Renee Stewart wrote a great list that deserves to be seen.


Thanks for sharing, Luci. I really like this list and will be referring to it again and again for inspiration.

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