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Someone's Been Eating The Flowers! (Video)

Petunias If you garden, you know that this season has been a struggle due to excessive heat, rain, combined with recurring dry spells. Creating and maintaining the beautiful blooms you envisioned in early spring has probably been a challenge. Here is an early tip for next year, don't plant petunias at eye-level. Who's eye-level you ask? That of the white tailed persuasion... Wascally wabbits!!

Rabbits LOVE Petunias! In the past, I have only used Petunias as an accent flower in containers and it wasn't an issue. This spring, I decided to forego my usual Impatiens for big, beautiful purple Wave Petunias. The plan was to make an inviting pathway to my front door. It worked; I receive plenty of furry visitors every day!

At first, I couldn't figure out why the once full and vibrant clusters of flowers where getting sparser by the day. Then early one morning, as I passed the front door window, I got my answer... And I can't stop smiling over it, so I had to share it with you.

Click the video slideshow below to watch one very cute Petunia Culprit enjoying breakfast. :)

NOTE: The Wave Petunia site doesn't say to use in containers only, but almost every picture does depict petunias in containers. I also searched the site for "rabbit" and "deer" but found no warning or recommendations regarding animals snacking on these flowers... So Here We Are hopes this tip helps you when planning and planting your garden in the future.

BTW, the music accompanying the bunny enjoying her tasty treats is performed by musician, Peter Daniel Russo, who's CD inspired Piano Music: Writing Your Own Concerto.

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