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It's LIME Time: 10 Easy Ways To Use A Lime

Limes When life gives you limes, turn it into a smile! ~ Unknown


If you find you are overambitious when buying lemons and limes, you are not alone. Limes are inexpensive and very evocative of summer. It is tempting to buy too many only to find them shriveled up in the fruit basket long after the lemons have been squeezed into lemonade. Other than baking a traditional key lime pie, here are easy ways to put those extra limes to good use; and use up those old limes so you don't waste money. 

TIP To Juice A Lime: No one has time to pull out the juicer for one lime... First, roll the lime on the counter under your palm, then slice it in half and microwave it for a few seconds to loosen the pulp and help release the juice.

1. Save calories - leave the butter and sauces in the fridge- squeeze a lime over any type of cooked rice.

2. Save more calories by rubbing a lime wedge over hot corn on the cob - this is so good, you'll never reach for the butter again!

3. Make a dressing to drizzle over roasted vegetables by combining olive oil with lime juice (use a 2:1 ratio), add chopped mint, salt & pepper to taste. OR Check out my Lime Salad Dressing recipe for ingredient details of my version of a tasty, tangy, and versatile lime dressing; you can even watch me make this dressing and see for yourself just how easy it is in my How-To Make Lime Dressing video

4. For a change of flavor, use lime instead of lemon juice over sliced apples, chicken, or fish. Try limes for recipes that call for lemon zest, too. TIP: Try to buy organic if you are going to use the peel.

5. Add it to guacamole; or for a light lunch, squeeze it over a sliced avocado on salad greens with cracked pepper & sea salt. Very tasty!

6. Combine lime juice with roasted garlic after it's been baked. NOTE: you will still need to add olive oil to the cut tops of the garlic head for baking {350F for about 50 minutes}. Add enough lime juice to the extracted garlic to make a paste, then whip the combo into mashed potatoes. Yum!

7. Save your hips and treat your lips by cutting out sweet drinks... Squeeze a lime into sparkling water. TIP 1: Run the pulp part of the wedge around the rim of the glass for extra flavor. TIP 2: Use a lime wedge to rim a margarita glass BEFORE you salt the rim, Mmmm!

8. Try the Here We Are recipe for fast, healthy, & easy Grilled Salmon but substitute lime for the kiwi slices, and lemon for the orange; definitely add the cilantro for an extra layer of flavor.

9. Freshen up the house by slicing a lime into rings and simmering them in a pot of water. NOTE: do not leave unattended; add water as needed.

10. Deodorize your garbage disposal by cutting up a lime into 8 wedges, then toss into the disposal. Easy!

It's time to squeeze out every dime you spend on limes this summer. It's easy to save money, cut calories, add flavor, and clean up a bit, all with this often forgotten fruit. Think of it as another way to go green!

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