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Walking The NY High Line Is a Fine Time

Correopsis on the NY High Line If you are looking for something to do the next time your are in NYC, then the NY High Line might be a fun, FREE, outdoor choice. Check out the pictures in this Here We Are photo album for sights, info, and tips.

Tips to help you enjoy your day:

Wear: sunscreen, a hat, good walking shoes. While there are a few shady respites, you are very exposed to the sun throughout the journey.

Bring: a camera - there are lots of photo opportunities along the way.

"Heads Up" = Look Down: There are funky curbs along the outer portions in parts of the path. I saw a lot of people tripping or getting their ankles caught. Check out the picture in the photo album of one of these, note how they are raised above the grade (drainage perhaps?).

Breathe!: Yes, the gardens scents are fresh and green. You might even catch a cool breeze off the Hudson River.

Brochures: If you can't find one, check the railings... The streets and locales are marked along the route.

Time: I walked at a leisurely stroll and it took about an hour and a half down and back.

Eats: There are food vendors on the path; the ice pops are a refreshing treat. If you need to get out of the sun, or want to sit for a spell, go down the 16th street stairs or elevator and enter the Chelsea Market on 10th Avenue. You won't be disappointed! There is something for every one in your group. I can vouch for Eleni's chocolate chip cookies... Maybe not the healthiest, but definitely delicious!

Sights: If you are a die-hard gardener, then you might be a bit disappointed at the common types of flowers on display, but the overall experience is lovely.

This is a wonderful way to see New York city in a new way. Taking a walk on the High Line is truly a fine time!

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Luci Weston

@Bose: I agree and can't wait to walk it again. Looking forward to the next section's completion. It is such a great use of the discarded railway.


Love, love, love the High Line. Have been several times and taken friends there, too, and every time we enjoy it tremendously and see new things! So many great places along the way to visit. And it's FREE!!!

Luci Weston

@Ruth A. Casie: Thank you for commenting. Yes, it is a wonderful way to walk a long distance in NYC. Plus, you can avoid traffic, the heat off the street and buses, and red lights. It's a great way to cap off an evening.

Ruth A Casie

Hi Luci!

Paul and I went out for dinner in Chelsea then took a wonderful walk on the High Line on the way back to Penn Station. It was a wonderful. Everything you said and more. Thanks for the post. It brought back memories of a wonderful evening.

... Ruth

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