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July 2011: Jackpot!

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

Delphinium Larkspur flower blue ANNOUNCEMENTS

Hitting The Jackpot: If you like to dine out & travel... And who doesn't? Then the July 12, 10:30 AM EST, Here We Are Radio Show is the show for you. Join me for The World of Las Vegas Dining: Uncovering The Best of Vegas as I interview one of its authors, Laury Bakie. We're talkin' hot spots and behind the scenes info! Learn how this busy lady ate over 750 meals, tasted numerous wines, and then worked tirelessly to share it with the world beyond Vegas. Sure to be the coffee table book of the year, this feast for the eyes will help you decide where to eat when you're in town. Even if you'll only be dreaming about all the places you'd visit, foodies, cooks, chefs, and travelers will savor every page of this winning display of culinary adventure.

Upping the Odds: It's official! HWA is accepting product review requests. If you are interested in a review, please read the recently posted Product Review Policy before inquiring. As HWA readers know, our #1 priority is building and maintaining their trust - we are adamant about this with every word that is spoken on our radio shows, published here on the website, or at the HWA page on Facebook (please come by and "like" us when you have a sec). 


Gifts On The House: Congrats to the May gift recipient, Aimee K., who received a Blue Q flower motif Blue Q Zippered Tote Bag in pink and brownshopper bag. June's gift of a similar tote bag with a fanciful bird motif goes to Susan D. Thank you to both for being email subscribers. The July gift is a pink & brown zippered shoulder tote bag by Blue Q. Love these bags... They are colorful, eco-friendly, and light-weight to carry, yet deceptively strong!

Round 'n Round She Goes: HWA has increased the number of random "You Might Also Like..." choices that appear at the bottom of every article. You'll see the pictures with titles that alternate with each article to offer you others that may be of interest. We hope this helps you find additional information to make your life better, brighter, and easier.


Know When To Show 'Em: ... Or not!! Some things are better left to the imagination. When packing for the pool or beach this summer, here are some tips on what to bring for a Beach Cover-Up - Show The Bust, Hide The Butt. Why gamble with style when you can be prepared to look great from every angle?!

Flower of The Month: July's flower is the Delphinium, commonly known as the Larkspur. This tall, spiked flowering plant is named from the Latin for Dolphin, i.e., Delphinus. Its general meaning is lightness and levity; the pink larkspur means fickleness.

There is no blue like the blue cup the tall delphinium holds up. ~ Louise Driscoll, Poet (1875-1957)


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