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Bauble, Bauble... Do You Dare?

Part 11 of the HWA Series: Live Your Life Out Loud 

Bauble pink coctail ring Several summers ago, I was in a book store with a friend. At the check out counter, there stood a ring tree adorned with large, costume, cocktail rings...Or, as I call them, Baubles. They were shiny, sparkly, colorful, and very eye-catching. Besides thinking this was a strange place to sell such trinkets, they exuded a charm and folly that was quite fascinating. It was as if the display was filled with fabulous Christmas baubles on a tree instead of showy jewelry.

Caught up in its size and hue, I tried one on similar to the one in the picture. It instantly made me smile. As I was turning my hand to catch the light, my friend shared a story about a colleague who wears a giant sized, bauble-like ring. She told me that, "It's on her hand every day to remind her to always enjoy life and not take it too seriously."

This season, I've seen similar rings for sale everywhere. It has me wondering why I didn't buy that ring, even though I loved the "reminder" message it could deliver. Did I secretly think the fashion police would jump out and say, "Aha! We always knew you belonged in a carnival?" Some women can pull off a bauble like this, while others wouldn't dare (I've learned that I'm somewhere in the middle).

Whatever the reason at the time, I now wear a baubley charm bracelet; some charms carry a significance, and others are fun and make me smile. It's not expensive; the true value is in its "reminder" message. There is something about they way it shines on the outside that reminds me to shine on the inside. At any moment, no matter what is happening around me, I can look down and it helps me instantly reassess the situation in a positive way. This may sound as frivolous as some of the jewelry might appear, but I share this with you, and the lesson I learned, to encourage you to find something that helps you to let yourself shine every day.

Bauble, bauble... Do you dare to wear? Tell us if you wear something that reminds you to shine. Share with us!


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