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Burt's Bees After Sun Soother Is An Anytime Smoother

June 2011: The Birds & The Bees

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

Pink rose close-up ANNOUNCEMENTS

Bees 'r Buzzin': Last month, we switched it up by deciding to focus on more reviews for May, June, & July. When I checked my list of 15 items on deck for review, 4 of them are Burt's Bees products. Not all of the pending reviews are beauty products, but since the bees 'r buzzin' this spring, you'll see a honeycomb of Burt's Bees on Here We Are to get you ready for summer.

No Birds on The Line: This month, there are no new radio shows scheduled for either Here We Are on The Radio or Chick Flick Chat. The chicks are researching several movies - AKA "watching" (I love this job!) - to find a list of good ones for future chats; and my legal-eagle guest is unable to come in for a landing, so we are rescheduling the Trademark show. NOTE: Email us if you have a good movie suggestion for CFC... as always, we love to hear from you!


BlueQ Tote Bag Bird MotifGifts 'r Flying About: We are waiting on a response from the May gift recipient who will receive a Blue Q motif shopper bag. June's gift is a similar tote bag, but with a different design - surprise - it's a fanciful bird motif! NOTE: Email subscribers, please remember to check an email from HWA marked "Gift Recipient" and respond within the requested time frame. Both lucky subscribers will be announced in July's Announcements article.

Makin' Honey: If gardening is your thing, then you know the joy of seeing Honey Bees busy at work in your garden. The results of our Flower Power Poll are in and the winning selection with 30% of the votes is "Herbs in containers... They are easy and I can grow them indoors or out." Perennials and the "color scheme" selection each garnered 20% of the votes. Thank you to all who participated; the poll is now closed.


A Bee In Your Bonnet: It is time to wear a hat to protect your face, eyes, and scalp from the damaging rays of the summer sun... Use our tips from The Joys of a Summer Hat & How To Avoid Hat Hair so you'll never leave home without a hat again.

Flower of The Month: June's flower is the amazing Rose. The rose conveys many emotions usually determined by its color. Typically, we associate it with love. For more on selecting a color with a message, check out The Color of Roses - Sending The Right Meaning.


The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose. ~ Heda Bejar


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Luci Weston

@Janine N: Thank you, Janine. The Birds & The Bees theme was a last minute decision, so I am happy to learn it worked!

We are firm about the Here We Are reviews being truthful, good or bad. Sometimes a product is tested for months before even putting it on the editorial calendar for a review... I want to be sure that it has been put through its paces.

The Maybelline lip stain is terrific... Once you get the hang of it. That balm is key to the final result. Glad you are having a good experience following the HWA reviews. Thank you for sharing. :)

Janine N


What a great post! So creative and imaginative. I love the way you preview what is coming for each month. I am anxious to see the new reviews. I follow them all and find your observations to be right on. I did try the long-lasting lipstick you reviewed last month and it was awesome! You are so right, you do need to pile on the lipbalm.

Thanks again for providing such insightful information!

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