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March 2011: Spruce It Up

Announcement, Updates, & Reminders

Jonquil flower ANNOUNCEMENT

Clearing The Air: Thank you to the thousands of listeners of both the Here We Are Radio Show and its spin-off show, Chick Flick Chat. In order to keep the growing list of shows under both titles manageable, we've added a separate channel on Blog Talk Radio specifically for future Chick Flick Chat shows AND a separate blog page for recorded CFC's, links, and info. 

You can still find the 2009 & 2010 CFC's sharing the HWA page on Blog Talk Radio (their originally recorded location) - but all new CFC's will be found at the new Chick Flick Chat channel. We hope this will clear up any confusion and make each of the shows easier to find in the future. NOTE: The HWA radio show on Blog Talk Radio and the HWA On The Radio blog page remain the same.


More Reviews For You: If you like the many HWA product reviews under our Shopping, Reviews category, then check out the HWA Amazon Reviews Page for thoughts and opinions on items that you might find useful. The link for this page can also be found in the left-hand column under LET'S NETWORK... See the "little man" icon.

Gifts & Kisses: Congrats to Nicole S., February's gift recipient of the new copy of "Kissing In Technicolor." The March gift is a new hard-copy of Janet Fitch's, "Paint It Black." More sprucing: To help you keep track, a picture of the Gift Of The Month is now in the right-hand column linked to our giveaway policy.


Glove It Up: Now is the best time of the year to buy leather gloves. While the selection may be slim, the sales price points can't be beat. Buy a pair now and put them away for next winter; you'll be glad you saved money when you take out your new accessory. TIP: Don't limit yourself to black or brown gloves, a bright, contrasting color can add a lot of pop to your coat.

Flower of The Month: March's flower is the Jonquil, AKA Daffodil or Narcissus. Its general meaning is desire for a return of affection; respect; egotism, formality.

When daffodils begin to peer, with heigh' the doxy, over the dale, why, then comes in the sweet o' the year. ~ William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, Act 4, Sc. 2


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