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April 2011: Moving Forward

10 Things We Can Learn From Geraldine Ferraro

Single white daisy Part 9 of the HWA Series, Live Your Life Out Loud

Every day is an opportunity to learn life lessons from each other. After watching the news reports about the life and passing of Geraldine Ferraro, a pattern of strength and determination emerged.

Regardless of one's political position, as women, we can all learn from the way she lived her life.

1. She didn't change herself to satisfy an unfair double standard

2. She spoke her mind regardless of any impending backlash

3. She had the courage to face harsh criticism and keep going

4. She "unlocked" a large door for other women to kick open

5. She didn't retreat when actions by family members could have tainted her reputation

6. She kept going after a hard fight and an even harder loss

7. She stayed true to herself, stepping out of the shadow of her running mate

8. She maintained her own identity while raising a family

9. She successfully balanced public and private life

10. She didn't let a disease define her legacy

For Geraldine Ferraro, and the multitude of other women that have struggled to unlock the doors, thank you for helping the rest of us to live our lives out loud.


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