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The Meaning of Flowers: Petal Picking With A Message

Mixed Bouquet of fresh flowers
Freshly cut flowers beam with a multitude of beautiful colors, and each type carries a specific message. In the Victorian era, due to the decorum of the time, flowers were used to express sentiments that might otherwise have gone unspoken. The gesture of giving a single flower, a nosegay tied with a silk ribbon, or a large bouquet, spoke volumes to the recipient depending upon the type of flower(s) included in the arrangement.

Today, flower selection is often based on less emotional standards, like price, aesthetic first impressions, or availability. We give flowers for many occasions as a way of conveying congratulations, happy wishes, love, and sometimes even sadness. Once you know the meaning of each flower, it's easy to use a bunch of blooming beauties to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Next time you are planning a garden or browsing in a flower shop, refer to this list of 10 popular (and easy to find) flowers to help you pick your petals with a precise message.

Anemone = Sincerity

Bellflower = Gratitude

Daffodil = Unrequited love

Daisy = Loyal Love

Freesia = Trust

Iris = Your friendship means so much to me

Pink Carnation = I will never forget you; see more on carnations in January 2011: Here We Are, Again

Sweet Pea = Remember me

Red Rose = Passion; for more on roses, check out The Color of Roses... Sending The Right Meaning 

Ranunculus = Inner radiance and attractiveness

Tulip = Enchantment

Is there a flower that speaks to you more than another now that you know its meaning? I was surprised to learn about the Iris. Do you think a garden full of Daffodils will seem more haunting this spring?

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