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Successful Relationships: Are They Impossible To Achieve? Too Difficult? Or Do We Make Them So?

Microphone for BTR shows CLICK HERE to listen the Here We Are Radio Show, "Successful Relationships: Are They Impossible To Achieve? Too Difficult? Or Do We Make Them So?"

Everybody wants to find love. We all have an idea of what makes or breaks a romantic relationship. Relationship expert, David Simonsen, M.S., LMFT, discusses universal habits that can improve our chances of creating a successful relationship... It is possible to achieve one.

Don't let Valentine's Day be the only day you examine what you are doing or NOT doing to have the relationship you desire. Find out the three key elements you need to know and implement before you enter a relationship. Do not worry if you are already in one, you can still put his insights to work for you.

Join us to for this informative, candid interview as we talk love, respect, boundaries, self-sabotage, "wimpy husbands," and more!  

David Simonsen, M.S, LMFT, is the father of 6, and a husband for 15 years. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, he has devoted the last 10 years to working with families and couples to find creative solutions for their everyday problems. He is the author of the new E-book, "3 Simple Steps: How To Be The Woman Of Your Man's Dreams."



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