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Energy Medicine: HOW-TO Tips To Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

No More WOE (Waste Of Energy)

 Part 8 of the HWA Series, Live Your Life Out Loud

Pink Lightening bolt on black backgroundLike time, personal energy is the one resource which we all receive an incalculable amount, limited by internal and external forces. It isn't a commodity like gasoline that can be stored up, so how we use it is key to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Well spent energy keeps us going with a "full speed ahead" momentum. Wasted energy zaps us. You know it when the zap happens, it leaves you feeling sapped. What remains is an unease in your gut, accompanied by general disappointment.

This drained response is WOE (AKA Waste of Energy). When WOE infiltrates your life, whether caused by another person, an incident, or a bad decision, we become depleted. The experience has yielded nothing but a Waste of Energy. The sad things is, you can't get it back, it's gone; now you have to recharge, regroup, and rest up to feel whole again. 

Don't let there be a "next time." Notice what, who, or how these events thunder into your life short circuiting your healthy energy supply. Decide from this moment forward, that you will take the necessary steps to limit the external forces that zap your energy. If you need a little support in building your approach to staving off WOE in the future, here are a few tips to help you maintain this important, natural resource. 

Learn to sniff out potential zappers: If you smell the milk and discover it's sour, do you go back and smell it again? NOOOO! You dump it and move on.

Refuse to carry the weight of "should" around: If you need some support with this new attitude, then listen to The "Should" Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest.

Keep your ears open and LISTEN: If you aren't sure what to listen for, remember what Maya Angelou teaches, "When people tell you who they are, believe them." We discussed this further in A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots. 

Always consider the source of the zapper, then unplug yourself from it. It is a simple as that!

Do you have any tips for conserving your energy? Have you tried any of these approaches. Share with us, thank you!


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Luci Weston

@Bose: Good point and thanks for sharing. You are right, the more exercise we do, the better we feel physically, and emotionally. Yoga is my way of connecting mind, body, spirit, it's easy to learn and really works.


Another way to protect "energy" is exercise. Even if it sounds counter-intuitive, exercise is an energy-booster not an energy zapper. Now the big question is, how to not let people zap your energy when you cannot avoid them??

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