January 2011: Here We Are, Again
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New Year, New Reality: Take The "To Change or Not To Change?" Poll

It's over a week since 2011 began. How's your New Year's resolution working out for you? If your answer is "not so hot," or you already forgot what it was, it's time to assess your reality in a new, more efficient, and effective way.

We can talk about resolutions until hell freezes over. The idea of a resolution is based in good intentions (and we know where good intentions land us) but its subject matter, e.g., lose weight, make more money, eat healthy, quit my job, buy a house, is often too vague to change your life. In Goals and Plans... Resolution Schmezalution, we listed steps for you to make your reality into anything you want using defined intentions with detailed direction.

Instead of thinking about losing 10 pounds, think in terms of how you want to feel and look. Using the resolution examples above; think in terms of:

  • I am a thinner person everyday;
  • I am done with being broke and money comes to me;
  • I will only make healthy food choices;
  • I'm unhappy in my job and will choose one that fulfills me;
  • I am moving to Mayberry by the end of the summer.

Switching to definitive intentions will change your reality as you move through the necessary steps each change requires, AKA, the detailed direction. It won't matter if you eat a few chips today, as long as you accept that you are on your way to being a thinner person, you'll recognize that you have to skip the pizza tomorrow.

Don't deprive yourself, but do put all things into the perspective of "will this add or subtract from how I want to live?" The rest will take care of itself, trust it and your vision to get you there.

In the meantime, tell us how you are feeling at the start of the new year by answering the Here We Are poll (this poll will close at midnight 1/31/11):

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Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: I hope you took the poll. I agree, "resolutions" tend to melt away with the cold days of winter. Better to change the thought process... This approach helps alleviate disappointments.


I gave up on New Years resolutions years ago. Who needs the disappointment?

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