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January 2011: Here We Are, Again

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Here We Are, Again: Another year has come and gone and we are given a chance to wipe the slate clean, start over, begin anew... Whatever you call it, this is the one time of year that most of us make an effort to evaluate our lives, relationships, and work. Some will make changes, others will say "I'll Try," and a few are content to accept the status quo. Where are you in this? Watch for the new HWA poll, New Year New Reality, and vote.

A New Year, A New You: Is it time to explore alternative ways to stay healthy? Do you seek a more natural way to wellness? Join me on Sunday, January 23, at 11:30 am EST for Energy Medicine: HOW-TO Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter with guest, Marie-Christine Lochot, Energy Healer and Massage Therapist. Marie-Christine will explain simple exercises that you can do in minutes, at home, for free, that will help you put your own energy system to work during cold & flu season. NOTE: If you missed the HWA Radio Show in which Marie-Christine explained Energy Medicine: The How, What, & Why of This Holistic Healing Method... Check it out soon, it will help you understand and apply the HOW-TOs in the upcoming show.

A New HWA Series: Since we are all searching for ways to live "greener," look for the new HWA Series, Shades of Chartruese. The series is called "Shades of... " because it's impracticle for most of us to achieve a completely green lifestyle, but we can each do our part in ways that are attainable and affordable. Also, nobody looks good in regular old green, but everybody looks great in chartruese! Look for upcoming articles with tips and how-tos that are simple, inexpensive, and do-able!


Tip a Top Dog: In almost two and a half years of HWA, I've suggested donations for worthy causes but haven't run a fundraiser; I'm going to do one for 2011. If you look in the right hand column, you'll see the "Help Now" icon under the heading, A HELPING PAW. Please note that ALL of the donations collected will go to Canine Companions For Independence. CCI does wonderful work in training dogs to assist people of all ages so that they are able to live a more complete life. This extra set of paws makes such a difference to someone in need of a furry, working companion. Please give what you can, the minimum donation is $2.00. Any and all is appreciated. Thank you! 

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: The holidays came and went with a blur and a lot of gift giving. The November gifts of two new paperback copies of the NY Times Best-selling novel, "The Tomb" by F. Paul Wilson, goes to Joe F. and Elizabeth Z., respectively. The December gift, a new paperback of the thriller, "Freezing Point" by Karen Dionne, goes to Marilyn F. The January gift is a lovely set of white stationary with quotes about literature, if you are a book lover, this is a fun way to express handwritten sentiments to friends and collegues. The January winner will be announced in an upcoming Announcements, Updates, & Reminders article.

It's Official: Marie-Christine Lochot has been a part of HWA since it's beginning. She is now officially a regular contibutor. Welcome Marie-Christine, we look forward to more helpful health and wellness information from you!


New Year, New Batteries: Use New Year's Day or week as the time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Using an event as a mental-marker will help you remember and keep up to date with this important task. Better safe than sorry.

Flower of the Month: January's flower is the Carnation. It's general meaning conveys bonds of affection; health and energy; fascination. Pink, in particular, implies remembrance.

Of trembling winter, the fairest flow'rs o' th' season are our carnations, and streak'd gillyvors... ~ William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, Perdita in Act IV, Sc. IV


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Luci Weston

@Elizabeth: You are so welcome. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I love surprising an email subscriber with our monthly gift giveaway. Enjoy the book. It's the first one in a really exciting series. Hope you like it.


Luci, thank you for the book. What fun to get a gift just for reading your blog. The info is great on its own, this was a nice surprise on top. Glad to have found Here We Are.

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