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December 2010: Wrap It Up

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Baked Apple Surprise: You might have noticed that it's been over a week since the last Here We Are article was posted. Since then, my Mac has decided to extend the long holiday weekend by refusing to let me in! Not sure what the issue is, but we are working on it.

Ironically, Donna Maria Coles Johnson commented on Gratitude: A Word That Makes The World Go 'Round, stating how she is "...thankful for technology that allows me to stay in touch with people I care about." I appreciate this statement even more now. Besides feeling disconnected from everyone, working on a PC has me feeling like I'm preparing a big meal in someone else's kitchen and I don't know where everything is stored! Even so, I'm grateful to be back in touch and still cooking at HWA

Tra La La'ing Your Instincts: With a busy month ahead, now is the time to listen to your inner voice, AKA Intuition. It will serve you well when the holiday messages, canned music, and merchandising bombard your senses. A little of it is fun, a lot can clutter the mind.

If you are not sure how to tell the real thing from your imagination to begin trusting your instincts, revisit the HWA Radio Show featuring the topic Intuition: Intuit Through It Using This Important Sixth Sense! with Psychic Intuitive, Cyndy DiBeneditto. Cyndy gives us a terrific primer on the basics of this gift. NOTE: I am excited to share with you that Cyndy will join us again in early 2011 for a radio show encore appearance, and this time she'll take calls to do short readings. Stay tuned!

As women we all have intuition, and we all seem to struggle with it. During a round table discussion in the Nov. 10, 2010, issue of The Hollywood Reporter, actress, Hillary Swank, said "[W]hat I regret is when I don't trust my instincts in any part of my life, but especially in that creative process." Readers, start trusting it today, it will never steer you wrong.


Speaking of Clutter: Whether it's in the mind or in your closet, clutter is not helpful because it clogs up the natural flow of life. Beneficial things can't get in because old "stuff" is blocking their path. Decluttering during the fall season can be an especially positive task since the holidays bring with them more stuff, both physical and emotional. 

The results of the HWA poll, Where & What Will You "Declutter" This Fall? are in and the winners are clearly tied at 25% each for "The Home Office" and "My Clothes Closet." Coming in third place at 17.86% is "My Car." No matter which one you work on, finish it and feel good! Thanks to all who voted. 

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: All the gifts for the October HWA Turns Two birthday celebration are out for delivery. The November book recipients of the two new paperback copies of "The Tomb," by F. Paul Wilson, will be notified shortly. My baked Mac has slowed us down to a simmer the last few days. In honor of the approaching winter months, the December gift is a new paperback of the thriller, "Freezing Point," by Karen Dionne. Brrrr!


Remember You!: As the year winds down with a very busy month, you might find yourself running around doing things to please your family, friends, and co-workers... Remember to take the time to take care of yourself. It could be as simple as doing one thing each day. Do your nails, read the paper, try a recipe, take a yoga class, meditate; do anything that benefits you and you only! Don't feel bad, you deserve it. 

TSA Travel Tip: If you are venturing off for the holidays via the big blue skies, then the following site might be of assistance. If you're worried your cosmetics or personal care bags might be lost or confiscated at the airport, try Suite Arrival and have the items of your choice waiting for you at your destination. There is some necessary lead time, so check the site rules to coordinate with your domestic or international travel plans. Bon voyage!

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