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"More" For 2011

A Year of Living Your Life Out Loud

Abstract drawng pink green kaleidoscope Every day is like a facet of a kaleidoscope; all the moving parts fall into place like a beautiful rainbow which only lasts a few moments. The shifting image is a natural part of the experience, without which we'd become bored. With each turn of the wheel, we hope to recreate our favorite moments viewed through a tiny hole, and yet each and every new combination is as beautiful as the last, even if it isn't perfect.

When you look back over the year, the days of your life combine to create your reality in the same way light, reflection, and color, contribute to the prismatic image within a kaleidoscope. Are the shapes and images you are seeing in your life representing who you are? Who you want to be? The Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud, is about finding your light, seeing your true reflection, and projecting vivid color into all you do and all you are.

The 2010 Live Your Life Out Loud journey on HWA began and continued throughout the year; changing, shifting, and morphing in order to meet our mission of better, brighter, and easier on our way to running the world. Enjoy them in order or click on the title that speaks to you.

Part 1: Our Deepest Fear: Stepping Into Your Power

Part 2: GTSS = Goody Two-Shoes Syndrome

Part 3: The "Should" Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest

Part 4: "I'll Try" Means Nothing, "Do" Gets It Done

Part 5: Passion: Relight Your Fire

Part 6: Where Are You? Three Simple Steps To Keep You Going

Part 7: Just BE Yourself

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