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Hostess Gift Ideas For Party Season

gift bags with colored tissue paperUPDATE 2016: While all of the gifts ideas listed in this post are still terrific hostess gifts, please note that many of the items may be more costly or not available since the publication of this article. Thank you, Luci

Holiday dinners, house parties, and New Year's invitations get delivered to your door carrying two stressful questions, "What do I wear? and what do I bring?"  Fess up.. We've all been there. The answer to the first question is probably hidden in your closet; as part of our Better, Brighter, Easier mission, allow Here We Are to help you answer the second. All of these Here We Are Hostess Gift Ideas are priced around or below $40-. Each gift idea was selected based on the quality of the item, specific usefulness, price point with shipping costs considered, and MY previous experience with the suggested vendor's customer service.

As with any gift giving, think about the hostess... Does she like to cook? Does she have a hobby? Is she into nature? Reading? A terrific hostess gift is about more than the traditional bottle of wine or the generic bouquet of flowers. It's a gift that is not too personal, doesn't have to be served or displayed at the party or dinner, AND the hostess can enjoy it after all her hard work is done. Think of it as your thank you in anticipation of the party.

The HWA Hostess Gift Ideas for Party Season:

A Purse Hanger, AKA a pocketbook hook, is a fun, useful gift that is sure to be put to good use since most women carry some kind of purse or tote. This surprisingly strong, pretty tool keeps a bag off the floor and in safe view (no more hanging them on the back of the chair!). Here is the full line from Luxe Link.

Every busy gal can use a roomy tote to carry to the market, office, or yoga class. Ballard Designs offers the convenient monogramming (sometimes free!) and lots of great jute style tote bags.  

If your hostess is eco-conscious, entertains a lot, or both, then peruse the interesting and eclectic selection from Viva Terra. They offer items that you can't find in the mall. 

For the serious cook, Salts of the World, is a treat of endless possibilities. This small package from Uncommon Goods holds a wealth of flavors from Italy, India, Korea, New Zealand, Cyprus, and Indonesia. (NOTE: With shipping, the price is close to or slightly over the $40 mark.)

Breakfast anyone? Serve up some help in the kitchen for your hostess by grouping a Butter Bell with a bottle of pure Vermont Maple Syrup, and a container of pancake/waffle mix from Williams-Sonoma. These are suggestions for a breakfast theme; combinations of price points and items can be adjusted by shopping locally for the syrup or mix. If you are wondering what a "Butter Keeper" is, then check out Butter: Spread Soft Cheer to Better Butter Up Your Bread and Maybe Your Host.

Who doesn't like to start the day or end a dinner with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? To make it even better, give your hostess the Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother from Williams-Sonoma paired with a bag of freshly ground coffee (in case she doesn't have a grinder). This gadget adds so much to the coffee experience, she'll wonder how she ever lived without it!

Presentation of your Hostess Gift is important, most of these gift ideas work well in a gift bag with tissue. BONUS: Saves you time and wrapping fees. Remember, every item on this list can be ordered online, but the earlier you order the better for time, supply, and cost reasons. Have fun shopping, and enjoy the dinners, parties, and festivities knowing the Hostess Gift is one less thing to worry about! 

{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review or endorsement. No consideration of any kind was offered to or received by LUCIMAC Productions, the parent company of Here We Are, in connection with this product or review.}


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Luci Weston

@Amorette: Yes, the purse hanger is one of those little gadgets that becomes a fast favorite. After you use it, you see how clever and helpful it is!


Thank you HWA for suggesting some great gifts for the holiday season. I am particularly interested in the purse hanger for my sister and, until now, I didn't even know that it existed!

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