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Here We Are Turns Two!

October: Sunshine And Light

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

I'm Really Not Tired Book by Lori Sunshine with Mom's Choice Award gold seal ANNOUNCEMENTS

Mom's Choice Awards: Congratulations to Lori Sunshine, author of the popular book, I'm Really Not Tired, for receiving the Gold Seal Honor from Mom's Choice Awards. This program "recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products, and services." While it's a bit hard to see the seal in this photo, it's the excellence it represents that counts!

We are excited to bring you this announcement about one of the early Here We Are reviews on this fun story and bedtime solution... Even if the kids are really not tired, there are plenty of Moms who still are! BONUS: With the holidays coming soon, this "mother" approved book makes a great gift.

Chick Flick Chat: The spotlight shines on self-fulfillment. Are you hungry for adventure? Need clarity? Want a connection? If only we could all go on a year long journey to discover ourselves, our passions, our purpose! Instead, join us live on the radio, Sunday, October 10, at 11:30 am EST for the latest Chick Flick Chat featuring Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts. We'll be dishing on the meals, mantras, men and more of this movie. NOTE: Don't worry if you didn't read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, we only chat about the film.


A WOMB Featured Woman Shines: ABC News Now spotlighted products that evoke the essence of an "Eat, Pray, Love" experience. Check out the wonderful things the reporter says about the Orange-Coconut Skin Polish by HWA WOMB featured woman Sharon Gnatt Epel's company La Ishá. TIP: Scroll to 4:05 in the interview to jump to the La Ishá segment. (P.S. The reporter is right, these products are terrific.)

Shining A Light on Clutter: Don't forget to weigh in on the HWA poll Where & What Will You DeClutter This Fall? The poll will collect votes until the end of autumn so there is still time to vote AND get busy with one of the areas of your life that needs to become clutter free. TIP: Start with the smallest area and finish it. You'll feel much better... almost as if you lost 5 pounds!


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: Light the candles and let them shine as HWA turns 2 this month! Instead of our monthly gift giveaway to one of our email subscribers, we'll be thanking a subscriber of this website or friend of the Here We Are page on Facebook once a week with a gift during October. So if you aren't subscribed by email to HWA or part of our growing group on FB, join us to be part of the celebration.

You Are The Light In Others' Lives: No matter the month, your health is the most important thing... Be sure you take the time to attend regularly scheduled breast examinations, mammograms, or ultrasounds. TIP: Use your birthday or a particular holiday as a reminder to make an appointment. Do it for yourself and the others in your life who need you.

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Luci Weston

@Bose: Thank you. That means a lot to me.


Congratulations!!! Two years - what a great accomplishment. The site is still (and always) new, interesting, informative and beautiful. I really enjoy it and look forward to the emails in my inbox.

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