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Here We Are Turns Two!

  HWA Oct 2009-2010 Topics, Guests, Themes

Today is the second anniversary of Here We Are!

I extend a heartfelt THANK YOU (yes, I'm shouting with a smile) to all of the Here We Are participants who read, subscribe, follow, friend, fan, favorite, email, comment, contribute, listen to, call in, tweet, link to, download, like, refer, recommend, and stay on this journey with me. It has been a fun and fast year.

The Wordle above pays tribute to some of the many topics, themes, titles, interviewees, and contributors that were part of HWA from October 6, 2009 until October 2010. It is with much gratitude that I look forward to sharing the third year with all of you as we continue to focus on making life better, brighter, and easier on our way to running the world! ~ Luci

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Luci Weston

@Sharon: Thank you and so happy you are on the HWA journey!


What a terrific milestone Luci! Heartfelt congratulations on your acheivement! Here's to another successful year! I'll be reading Here We Are With Luci and rooting for you all the way!

Luci Weston

@Amorette: Thank you! Working on the editorial calendar now, lots of great stuff coming up to get us through the busy holiday season.


Congratulations and thank you for all of the inspirational stories and useful tips that you have provided. HWA is HTS (Here to Stay)!

Luci Weston

@April, @Lynn, @Rivergirl: Thank you all for the well wishes and the continued support. Two years went by sooooo quickly, it's scary!


Has it really been that long? Congratulations on staying the course!!


Happy Birthday! & Congratulations!


Congratulations on turning two!

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