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Microphone for BTR showsClick the following link to listen to the Here We Are radio show, Intuition: Intuit Through It Using This Important Sixth Sense! (Note: There is a sound gap at the very beginning, but after a few seconds, the show is there for your enjoyment.)

Ever had that "feeling" that something wasn't right or a strange sense came over you that you just couldn't explain? That was your intuition sending you a message. We've all been there and experienced this "gut feeling" or "hunch." How can we learn to recognize, harness, and hone it for use in our daily lives? 

Guest, Cyndy DiBeneditto, Lightworker, Spirit Medium, and Psychic Intuitive, explains this natural ability that every one of us possesses. We discuss identifying the signals, clarifying the messages, and tips on how to strengthen our "sixth sense." 

In this very informative show, Cyndy helps us learn to separate imagination from intuition, listen to our higher self, and tune in to see the patterns. As women, if we can learn to trust it, it can be a valuable tool. She shares, "Feminine energy is receptive energy." 

In addition to teaching us about our intuitive skills, Cyndy provides examples of how she helps clients connect to loved ones who have passed. We cover what to expect during a session, how it works, and the benefits it can provide for healing. 

She advises, "Women are natural healers and natural intuitives... Be sure to fully express yourself and develop your innate abilities... The world is going to depend on us to get us through the next millennium." Thank you Cyndy, your advice during this show is a great place for us to begin developing this natural gift of guidance.




Cyndy DiBeneditto uses her gifts of psychic mediumship, intuitive reading, and teaching ability to work with clients to help them move on, gain insight, find peace, and feel empowered. Her mission is to combine a "mind, body, spirit" approach to the healing process. Also, check out her blog, Psychic Medium Cyndy, or call to arrange a session at 848-340-4450.

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Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: Thank you for sharing. Our instincts are always right, the struggle for many is the "listen" and then respond. Glad to hear you do this.

After Cyndy DiBeneditto and I recorded the show, I remembered an incident when I didn't listen and how that message was screaming at me. This memory has helped me to more clearly recognize these important messages going forward.


I always follow my instincts...they very rarely steer me wrong.

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