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Chick Flick Chat Returns: Life is not simple in the hit movie, It's Complicated. Dealing with marriage, divorce, dating, kids, and career, has never been so multifaceted or confusing.

Join us live for the Here We Are radio show on Saturday, August 14, at 10:30am EST, for this episode of Chick Flick Chat: It's Complicated. We'll chat about the meanings, messages, and search for answers that Meryl Streep's character embodies for all of us. Co-host, Susan Ragazzo, and I will try to unravel this funny and poignant tangled web! This film is a definite "must see."



Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: The winner of June's gift, Chasing Harry Winston, is Here We Are email subscriber, Rivergirl. I hope she leaves a comment with a review of the book when she's finished. Thank you to all our commenters in June. 

Oops! I forgot to tell you in July: Summer's Jewel that the gift for July is a hardcover of Second Chance, by Jane Green.

The Call For Comments continues throughout August. July's gift giveaway to one commenter who is also an email subscriber will be updated in September's Announcements article. NOTE: When you subscribe to HWA, feel secure knowing we never share or sell your info, ever!

About Comments: Please note that "Comments" are moderated, so you won't see them immediately upon submission. As long as they fall under our participation policy, they are published ASAP. Email addresses are never revealed - ever - so be carefree to share your thoughts. Not sure what to comment about? There must be one of the 160+ HWA articles where you can express yourself with ideas, hints, tips, opinions, etc. Join the conversation!

Going Green: Did you miss our How Green Are You? Take the "Going Green" Poll challenge? We are collecting data until the end of August so there is still time to vote. It's fun and easy!


Is Your Sunscreen Stuck on You? Do you feel like your sunscreen is still on your skin even after a shower? Try these beauty tips for easy sunscreen removal... For the face: Use good old-fashioned Noxema skin cream on your face and neck. Apply it and leave on for a few minutes, then use a wash cloth and warm (not hot) water to remove. Follow with your favorite toner or inexpensive (but very effective) Witch Hazel to sweep off any remaining residue, then moisturize (note: pregnant women should check with their doctors before using any bath & body products). TIP: Both products can be kept in the refrigerator for an extra-cooling effect.

For the body: Using your favorite shower gel/wash, apply it to a Nylon-net Bath Pouf or a pair of Nylon Bath Gloves, then gently scrub in a different direction to the way you applied your sunscreen. For example, if you sprayed/rubbed on the sunscreen using an "up and down" application method, then scrub in a circular motion working head to toe. The object is to break up any product that is "stuck" on the skin. Pat dry and apply moisturizer to your damp, freshly exfoliated skin to keep you smooth all summer long.

Summer Sentiment: Before the season is over, give yourself a "gift of enjoyment" - no matter what it is - every day!

"May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun and find your shoulder to light on." ~ Irish Blessing



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Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: You are welcome! No worries, whenever you have a chance, we'll be waiting. There was a lot of hype about this book, so an unbiased review will be appreciated.


Thanks to Here We Are for the June gift. I'm afraid I've been too busy with summer things...and a bit of family be able to sink my teeth into it yet. But I'll post my review as soon as I can.

Luci Weston

@Bose: You're welcome...and you are right, it is probably still on your skin. Most sunscreens that claim to be water resistant hold on to the skin even in the shower. A little light scrubbing goes a long way to removing the residue; plus, the exfoliation keeps your skin glowing.


Thanks for the sunscreen removal tips! I love going to the beach but sometimes feel like I still have the sunscreen on even after I shower.

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