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The Joy of a Summer Hat & How To Avoid "Hat Hair"

Summer hats
With the strong rays of the sun, it is more important than ever to wear a hat in the summer. Not only does a hat help shield your delicate face from harmful UV rays, it cuts down on glare. BONUS: You squint less now which helps fend off unwelcome crow's feet later.

You can dramatically increase these benefits by selecting a hat with Ultraviolet Protection Factor fabric. TIP: Buy one that is "crushable" so it will fit in you beach bag, luggage, or bicycle basket when it isn't on your head.

Besides looking fabulous, another joy of wearing a beautiful summer hat is that by simply keeping the sun off your head, you feel cooler throughout the day. Plus, a fun summer hat makes you feel happy! It's not too late to pick one up this season, check out this selection of SPF fabric hats to find hats that are right for you and your family members.

How To Avoid "Hat Hair"

Follow this easy trick to avoid a case of embarrassing "Hat Hair," AKA "Hat Head" (I broke it down into 5 steps, but this is very easy once you get the hang of it):

1. Start with wet or dry hair dabbed with a bit of "smoothing" product of your choice. Pull back longer hair into a low ponytail; shorter hair can be smoothed and arranged behind the ears.

2. Using a cotton bandana or scarf, fold it over itself from corner to corner (so you achieve the longest possible length of fabric) until the bandana is about 2 inches wide and FLAT [not rolled].

3. To avoid fabric marks on your forehead, place the smoothest side of the bandana against your forehead (you'll see what I mean by this when you fold it). Tie it at the back of your head - over the ears and on the forehead BUT NOT over the hairline - making it tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that it hurts or makes its own impression on your hair.

4. Set the inside brim of your hat down ONTO the bandana. This allows the bandana to work as a buffer between your hair/head and the evil hat brim responsible for "hat hair," while also allowing air to circulate under the hat. Don't pull the hat down tight; let the bandana keep it in place. The bandana will also work to absorb sweat - which adds to the "hat hair" problem. NOTE: The hat should feel snug and secure, with the bandana only slightly visible. TIP: Bring a few bandanas on a trip if you can't do laundry.

5. When you remove the hat and bandana, fluff up your hair using your fingers. While your hair won't be "styled," it will be presentable. Carry a hair clip or a small barrette to tame any odd ends. 

For me this process works best when I start with wet hair. Try it both ways and see which works best for you. Let us know about your terrific boat trip, vacation jaunt, beach day, etc. where you wore a hat and later took it off without a case of "Hat Hair."

Have fun, look great, save your skin, and enjoy the joys of a summer hat!!!

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Luci Weston

That happened to me once...I didn't expect it and my hair was a "nest" when I got off the bike. It took a bottle of conditioner to get the knots out!

I haven't been on a motorcycle since, but I have been on fast boats... the hat & bandana trick will also work to keep the hair in place. On a boat, you will have to keep your hand on your head and the hat has to be snug fitting. What if you pull back your hair with a smoothing gel/cream while it's wet, cinch it in a low ponytail, then use the bandana only? This might keep it from "nesting" up into a mess.

If you try this, let us know!


I don't wear a helmet...and my hair usually resembles a rats nest when we're done (o;

Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: Hmmm. I suppose the bandana trick would work under the helmet, too. Doesn't your hair get tangled under the helmet a bit from the wind? This would help to keep it under control, too. I'd be curious if it works, let us know.


I don't wear hats anymore...but if you have a tip for how to avoid motorcycle hair...I'm all ears. (o;

Luci Weston

@Charlene: You're welcome! The forehead will definitely take fabric marks if the fabric isn't smooth...glad that reads clearly. So happy you stopped by HWA, thanks!!


Thanks for the tips - with the heat the way it is right now, we need all of the help we can get. The no fabric marks on your forehead tip is nice. I guess we've all been there!

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