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Energy Medicine: The How, What, & Why of this Holistic Healing Method

July: Summer's Jewel

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Hydrangea Bouquet ANNOUNCEMENTS

Let the Energy Flow: "Energy Medicine" is becoming more popular, but what exactly is it? How does one use it? Can it really heal someone? Join me live for the Here We Are radio show on Monday, July 12, at 10:00am EST, to discuss these questions and more with my guest, Marie-Christine Lochot, Energy Healer and Massage Therapist. This episode, Energy Medicine: The How, What, & Why Of This Holistic Healing Method may help you decide if this natural process is right for you.

★ Regular readers may recognize Marie-Christine Lochot from previous articles she has shared on HWA like 10 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter, (okay, it's summer, but these are great tips AND there is such a thing as a "summer cold"). Also, revisit her Staycation: HOME SWEET HOME ideas if distant shores are a distant chance this season.


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: The winner of Anna Quindlen's book Rise And Shine is email subscriber, Philomena. Enjoy this interesting tale of two sisters.

The Call For Comments continues throughout July and August. June's gift giveaway to one commenter who is also an email subscriber will be updated in August's Announcements article. We have books to give away for summer reading fun! NOTE: We never share or sell your info, ever!

Going Green: Did you miss our How Green Are You? Take the "Going Green" Poll challenge? We are collecting data until the end of August so there is still time to vote. It's fun and easy!


Garden Woes?: It's not too late to revive your struggling garden. You'll find great tips, ideas, and guidance on all things green at You Grow Girl. So get down and get dirty before the summer passes by!

Fresh Picked Flowers: I'd like to share a recent moment with you... To my delight, I opened my front door to see a beaming smile worn by my three and a half year old niece, Angelina; featured in the popular article, Not Today...A Quote for All Seasons And All Women. She promptly presented me with a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut Hydrangea's (pictured above). I'm not sure which of the two of us was happier at that moment; but this small gesture reminded me of how the little things in life matter so much. Once again this little girl offers up a big lesson.


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