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Sarong on beach Here is a simple, summer style tip that is easy to remember: When you are walking the beach or sipping a Daiquiri at the poolside bar... Show the bust, hide the butt!

What do I mean by this? Summer after summer, I see women of all ages, shapes, and sizes wearing ONLY a tee-shirt as a cover-up over their swimsuit. The tee-shirt stops at the waist leaving the lower half of the body uncovered except for the suit bottoms.

Sure, the tee is easy and quick, but you are putting out TMI (too much information). Leaving a little to the imagination still works wonders when it comes to maximizing figure assets and minimizing liabilities. It is simple to CYA (cover your, ahem...assets) and make the most of them at the beach or poolside.

What woman doesn't want to look good and feel more comfortable on the beach? No one expects your assets to equal supermodel Gisele Bundchen's, but the old tee-shirt doesn't yield the highest return on investment to make you look your best. It's time to reassess your beach cover-up...

Save the tee for sleeping and think in terms of a cover-up that accentuates the positive. Throw on a colorful tunic that hits at the top of the knee or mid-thigh. If a tunic is too much coverage, try a beach skirt that matches your swimsuit; they are easy to slip on and off for a dip in the water. BONUS: Skirts work as a travel duo because you can wear them out and about beyond the beach.

Perhaps a colorful pareo or sarong that flows behind you as you move is more your style. These are easy to pack; plus, they can be tied in a multitude of ways for many coverage options. Remember, the longer the column, the slimmer the appearance.

Another easy-on, easy-off, versatile option you might like is a men's classic, cotton, button-down shirt. Fit it so that it is big enough to hit at mid-thigh or lower, roll up the sleeves, button one button at the hip area. Voilà, a simple, yet sexy look that takes you from the sand to the cafe for lunch.

No matter the style of cover-up, it never hurts to show a little cleavage or shoulder to draw attention up to the bust and face. It's better to be strategically stylish, than overexposed to more than the UVA and UVB rays. Show the bust, hide the butt, and saunter on by knowing you look pulled together and terrific in your beach cover-up!

This season, will you swap out the tee-shirt for a feminine, pretty option that adds more value to your summer wardrobe? Which option will you chose to wear as you enjoy the summer sun and fun?

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