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The VivaTerra Catalog: Say "Yes" to the "Yes" Bag and Other Eco Living Items

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VivaTerra Yes Bags A Product/Customer Service Review by Here We Are

NOTE: This item has been discontinued as of 2011.

Allow me to introduce you to the happiest bag on the planet... or at least that's how you'll feel whenever and wherever you carry it. Meet the VivaTerra "Yes" bag. As you can see from their catalog picture, there is a purse version, and a tote bag.

After seeing several ads featuring the purse, I decided to order one. As a first time shopper of the VivaTerra online site, I messed up the shopping cart (totally my fault). I called to inquire and got a very helpful customer service representative who patiently walked me through the process. She then called me 20 minutes later to follow up with more specific details about what I did wrong so I'd know for the future! That never happens... Until I shopped VivaTerra!

The purse arrived quickly with standard shipping and to my delight, it is roomy and oh-so-bright. Handmade from fabric remnants with a sturdy zipper closing, black lining, a cell phone pocket, and an inside zippered compartment big enough for a small wallet. Because of the purse's larger dimensions, 19"L x 10"H with 22" straps, there is plenty of interior room for all of your summer walk-around items.

Best of all, according to the VivaTerra product insert, these bags help "provide families in villages just outside of New Delhi with an income. They are paid a fair wage so that they can support their families and send their children to school." The goodwill makes the already reasonable $64- price tag an afterthought.

This bag carries good Karma, too. Every place I wear it, someone stops me to ask about where I got it. I've had more pleasant conversations about this purse in the last month and a half than any accessory I've ever worn. Women happily smile as they eye it, then promptly take out a pen to write down the website; and it makes me happy to share the info about who handmade it.

It is fresh, fun, and eye-catching. While it is not for the office or a fancy dinner party, the color versatility makes these bags an easy, casual choice to match your daytime clothes or sportswear. NOTE: Shy gals - be aware that you will attract attention with this bag (in a good way though) - so if this one isn't for you, but you want to go green with your shopping dollars - check out the other eco-friendly items they offer.

This earth-friendly catalog retailer is on a mission to offer shoppers a green selection to help us all live "in harmony with nature" and whimsical STYLE!

The VivaTerra catalog makes shopping greener easy, all you have to do is say "Yes."


{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. No consideration of any kind was offered to or received by Lucimac Productions, the parent company of HWA.}

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Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: Great! I think you will like what you find. Definitely visit the sale and clearance pages, they have a lot of good "finds" there at a fraction of their original prices.

@suzyblujeanz: So true! How many times can we say that about an item?


I don't own this bag but have seen it in person and everything that Luci says about it is true! It is unique, colorful and fun, fun, fun!


Looks like a fun bag for summer...and I'm all for green products so I'm off to check out the web site.

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