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How Green Are You? Take The "Going Green" Poll

Take the new Here We Are "Going Green" poll. We want to know what you are doing or not doing to live a greener lifestyle. You can select up to 3 of the answers that you are MOST doing in your daily life.

There are no "right or wrong" answers, only an opportunity to share!

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Speaking of Maine roads...last year our road was voted the worst one in the state. Quite a distinction. )o;

Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

Rivergirl, I'm in Maine too! Maine roads aren't great for biking in general. :(

It is great to see how many people are going with solar now.

Changing habits take time, and I think it's great that the poll shows others working on it too!


Maine has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to going green. We've been recycling and using alternative energy sources for years. Example, our new neighbors are organic vegetable farmers whose home is totally off the grid. They're totally solar powered.

Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: So it sounds like you are definitely "going green." There are some things (like driving into town from the country) that can't be avoided...although, a big benefit would be all the burned calories making the trek!


The only one I don't do is the cutting back on driving. When you live as far out in the Maine country as I do....it would be quite a hike to the store. (o;

Luci Weston

@Bill: Glad you like it! Thank you for your continued support of HWA, it means a lot. "Getting better" is a good way to look at things...thx!

Bill Van Loan

Hi Luci,

This is a very revealing poll. I enjoyed it a lot and what a great idea : ) I'm not Kermit yet and I'm sure getting better.

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