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Caridad Pineiro: Awakening Sinful Fury Page By Page

Microphone for BTR showsCLICK HERE to listen to my interview of author Caridad Pineiro on the Here We Are radio show. 

This New York Times and USA Today best-selling author wrote her first book in the fifth grade and now has over twenty published novels and novellas, plus more on the way! Caridad is a very busy woman who graciously shares her tips on how to make "busy = productive"...not easy, but do-able!

Join us to hear her approach on handling a family, and two successful careers; one as an attorney and one as an author. Take a page from this talented lady on life, career, and writing.

We also talk about "passion," but not the seductive kind you'll find in The Calling Vampire Novels. Instead, Caridad opens up about taking her passion - stories on a page - and turning it into her many books for the world to bite into and savor. Whether you are a fan, a writer, or struggling with how to make the most of your own passion (no matter what it may be), this interview offers tasty bits on how you, too, can move toward the next level. 

While we wait until November 2010, for her upcoming release of Stronger Than Sin, awaken your fury (sinful or not!) by applying Caridad's Pineiro's heartfelt advice that you can easily use today!

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Luci Weston

@Lisa: Thx girl. Caridad is a talented lady...check out her book list, she has quite a list to select from when picking the first (of 20+) to read! Vampires, romance, seduction galore!

Lisa Kasper

Hummm...these are new to me-thanks for the heads up, I can't wait to read them :) As always thanks for the great info Luci!!! <3

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