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Chick Flick Chat: It's Oscar Time! Winners, Losers, Movies, & Men

Chick Flick Chat Mic CLICK HERE to listen to the Chick Flick Chatepisode, "It's Oscar Time! Winners, Losers, Movies, & Men."

It's time to talk about this year's Oscar winning performances and the female roles that garnered gold for the actresses who brought them to life. In light of The Blind Side surprise Sandra Bullock received (from her booby prize of a husband) after accepting her award, we had to discuss the so called "Oscar curse." Is it real or are these issues bound to happen in life?

This episode of Chick Flick Chat is not a gossip-fest. It is meant to explore the pinnacles and pitfalls of relationships that successful women face, celebrity and non-celebrity alike. Join us as we first dish about the award winners and losers in movies like Precious and Up In The Air. Then we tackle the issues for all women raised when Sandra Bullock, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, live out the real life drama of going from the ultimate high to the deepest of lows. 

Life imitates art for golden girl, Sandra, who earned the most coveted honor in her profession for portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy, a tough, determined, driven woman with grace and nerves of steel; the very qualities Sandra needs to get through this tough time. While we all share in her public heartbreak, what can women in all walks of life learn? Does anyone really ever have your back? And does the so-called "Oscar Curse" send a hidden message to women - making them less inclined to strive for success - because it seems like you can't have your cake and eat it, too?

Listen and let us know what you think.

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Luci Weston

@Chelsea: So glad to receive your positive feedback, thank you. Susan and I had a good feeling about this show after we recorded it. Yes, the repetitive nature of hearing about the "Oscar Curse" does send out less than positive messages. Maybe we dispelled some? I hope!

@Ruth: LOL. And why does it always seem to happen with the sweetest of ladies, like Sandra? I suppose the Madonna/Whore complex is alive and well in many relationships. At least the new man, Louis, in her life will bring her joy for years to come.

Ruth Seitelman

I think men get caught up in all the hype and fame. The adoring public make them believe that they can do anything. I can't help think that ultimate power like that must corrupt. The proof appears to be many men being caught with their pants down. Oh yes, a pun definitely intended.

... Ruth


This was an excellent show. You are right, women don't take the credit they deserve. I didn't ever think about what calling it an Oscar curse means to the rest of us.

Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: Good point. I just saw a report that she adopted a baby boy. That is one positive way to move forward. As for the movie, it is tender, sweet, corny, and uplifting and she did do a terrific job.


I haven't seen the movie yet...but do feel sorry for Sandra Bullock. I wish someone had told her you date the bad boys...not marry them. (o;

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