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April Flowers

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Now is the time to allow yourself to blossom into the flower you were meant to be! ~ Luci Weston

From Blossoming to Blogging: If you are thinking of expanding your creative reach with a blog there is a new book to help you begin or continue this journey. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Typepad for Dummies by Melanie Nelson, and Shannon Lowe, who blogs at Rocks In My Dryer. Now that this hot book is in my hands, you may notice some tweaking of HWA in an effort to make it better, brighter, and easier for you to enjoy! Thanks again to Shannon...can't wait to dig in!

Radio Show: It is time to talk about the Oscar winning performances and the female roles that garnered gold for the actresses who brought them to life. In light of The Blind Side surprise sweetheart Sandra Bullock got from her booby prize of a husband, we will also be discussing the "Oscar Curse." Join us at 1:00 EST on Sunday, April 25 for CHICK FLICK CHAT to dish about the winners, losers, their movies, and why so many of these talented ladies struggle with their relationships after their golden moment.



Gifts & COMMENTS, COMMENTS, and more COMMENTS: Oops, I forgot to announce the Here We Are monthly gift for March. Thank you to the HWA email subscribers for your patience, and to Maria for reminding me. Let's blame it on the crazy rain and move into sunny April by celebrating with two giveaways! We are looking to surprise two HWA readers who are Living Their Lives Out Loud by commenting on any article -- share your tips, hints, and experiences -- we want to hear from you.

While we wish we could surprise all of our loyal readers with goodies, remember to be eligible you must be or become a subscriber by email (it's free and we never share or sell your info -- see our gift giveaway policy).

Talking Books: Starting to think about your summer reading list? Looking for a great book to enjoy in your beach chair? (That sounds gooooood!) Look no further than one of the 20+ titles by award winning New York Times & USA Today Best-Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro. This very busy woman will be my guest on the Here We Are Radio Show on May 16, to share her insights on writing, work, and juggling it all!


April Flowers: It is time to fertilize your houseplants. They have been dormant all winter and are probably in need of a little extra TLC. If gardening is on your mind, check out Garden Guides for terrific tips and info on making your indoor and outdoor garden grow year after year.

Spring Shopping: There are lots of beautiful items being shown this spring that can really spruce up a wardrobe. Before you go out to buy, take a little time to reward yourself with a session of Closet Cleaning, Clearing The Way For A Wearable Wardrobe. You and your wallet will be so glad you did when you're in the stores ready to buy.


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Luci Weston

@Ching Ya: Thank you! Yes, we are very excited that Spring has spring at HWA. About those April Fool's postings, too many, and some tested the trust of their readers, while others were funny. Glad it only happens once a year!

ching Ya

Finally! A Non-April Fool post on 1st April. I'm so glad! This is a heart warming piece, celebrating the arrival of spring. :-) A breath of fresh air, can't thank you enough Luci.

Obviously you can see how many pranks I've fallen into to say that. lol.. keep up the good work and continue to inspire! *hugs*

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