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The "Should" Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest

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Live Your Life Out Loud

CLICK HERE to listen to the HWA radio show, "The Should Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest."

Does the word "should" cause you guilt or pressure? This word can put invisible weight upon our shoulders. Beyond basic communications, the words we choose send messages to others and resonate within ourselves. Join us to discuss how "should" can deliver a hard punch of power-plays, pressure, expectations, control, and doubt; and how you can fight back with a new freeing approach that will help you relax those heavy shoulders.

While this show is for all women, if you answered "yes" to Question #10 of the GTSS = Goodie Two-Shoes Syndrome quiz, then this show will give you some much needed moxie. My co-host, Susan Ragazzo, and I share our experiences in the ongoing effort to uncover barriers and identify roadblocks that drain women of time and energy as we help in the journey to Live Your Life Out Loud.

Instead of cringing when the word "should" shows its bad self, lighten your load and get rid of it and its baggage once and for all time! You'll think you lost 10 pounds...ahhh!

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