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Baby squirrel after snow storm

Spring is Coming! March 20 is the first day of spring; only three more weeks to go. You know it's been a heck of a winter when the animals are over it...The squirrel in the picture is a five inch tall baby squirrel who marched (okay, hopped and struggled) through the 15+ inches of snow to get to the cleared deck. She was quite dazed after her Olympic effort but posed for this pic as she regained her bearings. Hope it makes you smile.

WOMB: The search is on for the next Here We Are Woman On a Mission In Business. Since our first WOMB article featuring Sharon Gnatt Epel and her truly timeless beauty line, La Ishá, women from across the country have emailed to tell us about their mission in business. We are delighted and look forward to selecting another business woman for the spring WOMB article. Thank you to all and keep them coming.

Radio Show: Part 3 of the Live Your Life Out Loud series will actually be "out loud" on the HWA radio show. Join us on Sunday, March 14, at 12:30pm for The "Should" Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest. The word "should" carries a lot of weight which often causes unnecessary guilt and pressure for women. If this word makes you cringe, it is time to be rid of it and its baggage once and for all.

❋❋ Did you answer "yes" or "sometimes" to Question #10 of the GTSS=Goody Two-Shoes Syndrome quiz? Then this show is for you! Call-in at (646)929-2473.

Neti Pot Anyone? HWA Contributor, Susan Ragazzo, helps us with the ins and outs of the dreaded Neti Pot in time for allergy season. Wondering about whether or not to buy this item? How to use it properly? Susan's article, "The Nose Knows Sinus Relief," will clear up your questions later this month.


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts:The January "call for comments" gift went to subscriber, April. She won the CD soundtrack of "New Moon," the featured movie for Chick Flick Chat, "New Moon" Rises and Falls. Thank you April for your generous comments.

The February "call for reviews" on the HWA page on Facebook celebrated Valentine's with a gift box of Godiva Chocolates. Subscriber and FB page friend, Bose, gets the sweet treat. A big ♡'d thank you goes out to Lori, Donna Maria, and Ching Ya for their sweet words. We love the reviews so please feel free to leave one...they do mean a lot. 

The March gift is still TBD, as soon as we know what it is, the HWA page on FB will be updated with the info.

Facebook: If you are a subscriber or regular reader of this HWA website, please come by and join us on FB, too. While you will see a feed of the HWA articles, we also post great sales offers/freebies (not sales pitches), interesting lifestyle info, helpful social networking how-to's, etc.; and we promise NOT to clog up your FB stream! We are even thinking of doing a "book club" for the summer - send us your title suggestions.

Contributors: The list is growing! This spring new faces and names will be added to the official roster of HWA Guest Authors & Contributors. If you are interested in offering your expertise, email me your ideas.


Macaroons: It's getting to be the time of year when macaroons show up on holiday dessert tables. Check out our very popular Coconut Macaroons...The 30 Minute Cookie Recipe for a quick and easy way to make these toasty treats.

The Brighter Side: With all the grousing (of which I, too, partake) about the recent weather, I offer you this thought as we make our way through the month of March - be it a lion or a lamb.

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand -- and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late. ~ Marie Beynon Lyons Ray, Author

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Luci Weston

@Janine: Thx! We are working hard to bring the HWA readers the best info, ideas, and inspiration to make life better, brighter, and easier. Thank you for the continued support and feedback.

Janine N

I'm ready to skip Spring and go directly to Summer! Looking forward to the upcoming events. Everything sounds great. Keep up the good work, Luci!

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