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The Colgate Wisp: Brush On By And Save Your Money

A Here We Are Product Review

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Obsessed with white teeth and fresh breath? Always trying the latest in tooth paraphernalia? I am. So when I saw the new Colgate Wisp Mini-Brush, I bought a pack right away based on the convenience it offered. At first, they were only intended for my personal use, but after a few test "brushes," I had to share my experience with the Here We Are readers.

As you may know, HWA does not accept payment for product reviews. We value your trust, and we stand by our philosophy, "If we like it, we will tell you, if we don't, we will tell you!" Open wide because here it comes...The Colgate Wisp is a waste of your money. 

One brush with this 3.5 inch hard-to-handle plastic wand and you have to wonder how it won the 2010 Product of the Year award. Not only is it awkward to use, the "bristles" don't quite brush away debris, but work by slipping and scratching over your gums. Ouch! 

The product is supposed to be used without water. There is an embedded freshening bead that releases a liquid to help freshen your breath. The website says it is "safe to swallow," but that means everything you brushed around your mouth goes down with it. Not to be graphic but rinsing is necessary -- I tried the Wisps with and without water -- if you don't rinse, you will have to spit out the product residue soon after use. I also had to bite down on the brush end to get the liquid to release.

The design itself is ingenious for its ease of packing into a purse or pocket, which makes writing this review so disappointing. If the brushing aspect was pleasant, I'd buy it by the case. While it isn't a replacement for dental floss, in a pinch the "pick" on the other end was helpful when applied to crevices between teeth; but be careful, it was sharp on the hand when using the brush end.

So from one toothie to another, save your money and your gums from the Colgate Wisp. Your choppers will thank you when you stick to one of the greatest inventions of the modern world - the good old fashioned toothbrush!

Have you tried this product? Love it or leave it? Let us know!


{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. No consideration of any kind was offered to or received by Lucimac Productions, the parent company of HWA.}

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Luci Weston

UPDATE: My dentist read this article and suggested I add the following: using an electric toothbrush is very helpful to maintaining good oral hygiene, and flossing is also very important. Preventative care is the most important step for good health! (Thanks Dr. B.)

Luci Weston

@Bose, @Ruth: You're welcome. No one was more disappointed than me, I thought I found the perfect travel toothbrush, but alas, not so!

Ruth Seitelman

Thanks Luci! It is so discouraging when the product does not live up to its hype!


Thanks so much for that VERY useful review. I'm a gum chewer after meals when out but had seen the ads and thought of trying the Wisps. Thanks for saving me the time & money!

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