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La Ishá: A Truly Timeless Beauty Line

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La Isha Product Line

Meet Sharon Gnatt Epel, the first Here We Are featured Woman On a Mission in Business. We are proud and excited to introduce Sharon and her outstanding product line, La Ishá - Timeless Beauty Through Healthy Alternatives. Sharon Gnatt Epel One look at her gorgeous skin and you say to yourself, "I'll use what she is using!"

Sharon was selected for WOMB because she epitomizes today's woman in business who takes charge, makes strides, and lives her life out loud by using her business to prosper while helping others. This accomplished woman blends together her experience, education, and determination to establish a company that supports both green practices and women's causes while offering a beauty line that is safe and effective for women over 35.

Her passion to support women to achieve their full potential is the foundation for the creation of La Ishá. Sharon is dedicated to the "empowerment, education, well-being, and independence of women everywhere." The care, research, and reliance on nature combined with good corporate practices are reflected in the quality of her products. What is going on at La Ishá is more than skin deep, it is a mission to develop "natural high-performance skincare that enhances beauty without the use of ingredients that sacrifice long or short-term health." 

La Ishá products are unique from products you will find on a store shelf or at a department store counter. They are made to order in small batches from an ingredient list that reads like a who's who of natural beauty stars including pomegranate and rose hip seed oils, essential oils of rose and sandalwood, Vitamin E, Amber and more; most are organically derived. It is also important to stress this product line does NOT contain synthetic chemicals or preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, chemical fragrances, phthalates, parabens, or any known potential cancer-causing agents.

While priced at the higher end, the purity and effectiveness of the quality ingredients make these long-lasting products worth every penny. The eye-dropper applicators work to control the small amount of product needed for each application. The packaging is lovely and can be recycled. Over the last several months, I have thoroughly tested the following three La Ishá products:

The Orange-Coconut Face Polish exfoliates dead skin cells with a sugar base and smells as tasty as a poolside drink. To maximize the moisturizing properties of the base oils, I used this product at night before bed. Apply warm water to cleansed skin, apply a dime size amount of the polish, leave it on for a few minutes, gently scrub the sugar crystals in a circular motion, rinse off, lightly pat dry. (Avoid eye area.) The remainder of the oils will penetrate your skin leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth in the morning. This is a treat without the pina colada calories!

The Gentle Aromatherapy Face Wash is indeed gentle but packs an amazing cleansing punch. A few drops is all you need to wash away the day. I found that beyond being an effective cleanser, the aroma-therapeutic benefits had me reaching for this cleanser every night. Good for your skin and your spirit!

The Pomegranate Moisture Booster is 100% Pure Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil. It is an unadulterated, full-strength "must have" item to add to facial moisturizer. If you aren't sure where to start with this line, this is a good choice to sample La Ishá's purity. Not only is it cost effective, it is easy to add to your favorite moisturizer for some extra potency. I added it to a number of different moisturizers and saw an immediate improvement in my skin each time I used it. A natural way to supercharge your beauty routine!

All the La Ishá products are "Created by Women for Women." The Breast SOS serum may put Sharon ahead of the beauty and health industry. A study published in the January issue of Cancer Prevention Research, found that pomegranates may "stop or slow down the growth of breast cancer." This product is the first "all-natural, synthetic-free topical skincare formulation designed to support the beauty and health of the breast and décolleté areas."

Sharon stated in a recent press release that, "While these studies are further examples of cutting edge scientific developments in women's health care, La Ishá skin care products are not intended to be substitutes for medical care women with cancer are receiving and are not drugs. We do however, believe in the health benefits of pomegranates and hold out hope that science will continue to discover links to this incredible fruit and cancer prevention in women." For every mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and grandmother, we hope along with you, Sharon.

The time has come for this truly timeless beauty line that places the interests and well being of its customers ahead of the bottom line. La Ishá, with Sharon Gnatt Epel at the helm, is a trailblazing company offering safer alternatives for women by creating natural, organic skincare products that are effective, support good health, and enhance beauty at the same time.


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Luci Weston

@Staci: Good! So happy the word is getting out!


I just signed up for the newsletter through her website. I am going to keep this line in mind when I am ready for more products. I am always looking for all natural products and this line looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Luci Weston

@Janine N: Thank you for the comment. We are always looking for products and people to spotlight. The WOMB feature is new, and I am excited to see how it grows. Sharon and her mission were the perfect fit. Do check out La Ishá, they are lovely products.

Janine N

Wow! Thanks for featuring this company on your site. It is good to know that women are looking out for women. I am definitely going to take a look at these products.

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