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Wave Goodbye To Dry Hands: Quick Tips To Soothe Your Skin This Winter

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Are you wringing your hands because they are dry from hand washing this winter? Have you looked down and said to yourself, "Whose hands are these?" Surprised by the cracked cuticles and shriveled skin you see?

Hand to hand combat occurs when we repeatedly wash our hands in an effort to stay healthy because the resulting dry skin can make us vulnerable. Our skin's natural protective moisture barrier goes down the drain with the germs we wash away. That moisture is important because extremely dry, cracked skin allows an easy avenue for cold and flu germs to enter our bodies.

While hot water, soap, and alcohol based gel sanitizers are a helpful part of staying healthy throughout the winter season, they can be harsh on the skin. It's time to knuckle down with these beauty tips to restore dry hands to the smooth and supple beauties they deserve to be.

It may take a few weeks to see a difference, so start today and wave goodbye to dry hands and also check out my other article on this topic, Hands Up! 10 Tips To Brandish Winter Dryness On Hands and Nails:

1. Dry hands = Dry nails & cuticles: Remove nail polish since it draws attention to hands. Buff and shape your nails to a clean finish. Taking a break from polish means a break from chemical removers; even the non-acetone removers are tough on nails. They may look naked, but nails need time to breathe to be healthy and strong. You will see much better results when you get your next manicure if your nails and cuticles are no longer dried and cracked.

2. Exfoliate the sweet, inexpensive way: In a small bowl, mix 1 Tbsp. of olive oil with 2 Tbsp. of sugar into a paste. (I use Carapelli's Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this beauty recipe.) Over the sink -- Gently scrub your hands for about a minute with the paste (no water). Then rinse in warm water and continue scrubbing until all the sugar has dissolved. The oil will bead up. Use a paper towel to blot your hands, leaving a light layer of the oil -- no worries, in a few minutes the oil will be gone. You will feel an immediate improvement in the texture of your skin. Try this once a week to keep dry, flaky skin away. NOTE: Do not use salt.

3. Lip Smacking Good Cuticle Care: Hand cream and butters are helpful, but dry cuticles need extra help. I've seen the best results from Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips. A little goes a long way to healing dry cuticles. Plus, you save money by buying a product that does double duty. 

4. Give the slip to bar soaps laden with chemicals: Avoid antibacterial soaps -- there is much concern over the harmful effects of triclosan. Try to select soaps that are made with quality base oils and essential oils. This type of soap, either in liquid or bar form, will reduce the dryness factor from repeated hand-washing.

5. The Cream Machine: Pick one you like, but check the ingredient list before you buy. Try to select creams that are made from natural ingredients without perfumes. Most company's, especially ones that pride themselves on producing natural sourced ingredients, have ingredient declarations for each product. Check these out before you buy so you know what you are getting before you open your wallet!

The TRICK to moisturized hands is to keep a bottle / jar / tube of cream at EVERY SINK in the house. Think about how many times you have washed your hands, dried them, only to discover hand cream wasn't handy. This is a missed opportunity to prevent dry skin. Use a 1-2-3 step process, wash - damp dry - moisturize. This works to build up moisture for your next washing. It seems simple and repetitive but your hands will thank you so apply, apply, apply!

6. Keep 'em covered indoors and out: Use plastic gloves when you clean or do dishes. Wear white cotton gloves at night after applying hand cream and cuticle care product to help seal in the product (if you don't have cotton gloves, use a pair of old white cotton socks). It looks kooky, but it works to speed up the healing process of dry skin. When outdoors, gloves or mittens are essential in protecting your skin from the elements.

The more steps you take to lessen the drying process, the better your results. Think about all your hands do for you each day; they deserve some extra care. Incorporate these quick tips into your routine to help soothe your skin this winter so they are ready for spring!


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Luci Weston

So glad it is helpful - the tips work, it's a matter of applying them... With all the hand washing we do, it's kind of a developed habit, but so worth it! Thanks for your comment.

Michelle F.

This article couldn't have come at a better time. My nails are a mess! I'm looking forward to putting these steps into action.

Thank you!

Luci Weston

@Raziq: You are welcome! I hope they help. Let us know what you try and how it worked for you.

@All HWA Readers: Remember, to maximize results - use the olive oil/sugar scrub once a week (pick a day and stick with it, like every Sunday night). This will help keep dry hands in shape all winter long.


Good tips for excellent hand and skin care in winter. Thanks.

organic skin care

WOW!! Thanks so much for this post!! I am also obsessed with makeup and have been on a mission to find organic stuff that actually does the job!! I have tried Physician's Formula -Organic-- not bad.. the packaging on the powder is sooo hard to use though..

Luci Weston

@Suzyblujeanz: You can definitely use sugar on the face as an exfoliant as long as it is diluted with an oil or cream. In this case, olive oil won't "add" oil to your skin because it acts as an humectant, i.e., it attracts external moisture to the skin while still allowing the skin to perform its normal functions. Olive oil is different than "baby oil" which is typically mineral oil derived from petroleum (yes, a version of the stuff we put in our cars) -- putting mineral oil on your face could cause a break out.

Do be sure to use warm water on your face, then apply the mixture (if you are hesitant, you may want to try just the T-zone first). Remember to GENTLY scrub on the face avoiding the eye area. Rinse well and pat dry. I do recommend using the mixture at night or on a day you won't be applying makeup to allow the skin to breathe. Also, exfoliation is a good thing as long as it isn't no more than once a week as needed.

Good luck and let us know how your skin feels and looks. Good to hear, my hands love it too!


Do you know if the sugar/olive oil scrub is OK to use on the face? I was going to try it but I have oily skin and I'm concerned that the olive oil will make me break out. Thanks for any suggestions.

P.S. I used the scrub on my hands and love it!

Luci Weston

@Kayla: Thank you for the terrific info. I never thought about the SLS issue regarding product you leave on the skin vs. product that washes off. Ingredient lists are complicated and your article demystified SLS making it easier for the reader to decide.

So happy my first trackback worked. Thanks Typepad!

Kayla Fioravanti

Thanks for the trackback and reference to my article on SLS. Great tips!

Luci Weston

@Latief: You're welcome. They are easy to do. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We love comments at HWA!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the tips Luci, they are really new to me :)

Luci Weston

@Bose: Thx! I am always washing my hands so these tips are tried and true.

@Rivergirl: The olive oil/sugar mix is easy and costs pennies to make. I love that it is preservative and chemical free...and it really works!


I love the olive oil and sugar trick....I'm going to try that one.


Great tips!! I must wash my hands 100 times a day between the kid, the dog, cooking, etc..... Thanks!

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