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The WOMB Feature Blooms: Introducing "Woman On a Mission in Business"

Here We Are is looking for women who are taking charge, making strides, and living their lives out loud by using their businesses to prosper and help others.

Chartruese flower As Here We Are grows, our mission to help busy women make their lives better, brighter, and easier, continues to bloom. We are proud to introduce our new feature, WOMB, Woman On a Mission in Business.

Don't be a shrinking violet, you don't have to run a multimillion dollar international corporation or be Mother Teresa (and I mean that in the best of ways), but you must have a mission. The splintering of media into a multitude of avenues means every bit of exposure and attention counts these days. If the seeds of your passion are already planted, then the WOMB guidelines will be easy for you to follow.

HWA wants to help you blossom by focusing on your products, services, or knowledge, and the passion that drives your mission. It is our way of helping you run the world. We want to know about you, learn from you, and share your message.

Here are the basic WOMB guidelines (for more details on how to apply, please see the entire WOMB guidelines):

1. You must be a Woman who owns her own business (sorry fellows, this one is for the gals only).

2. You must have an active business website, i.e., "coming soon, under construction, etc." sites are not eligible.

3. There is no limit to the type of businesses which can apply, but a mission must exist. If you don't know what I mean by this, you don't have a mission.

4. Your business can be a start-up, small, mid, or large size one; not-for-profit is fine, too.

5. You and your company can be anywhere in the world, but all communications must be done in English via email.

6. If you are new to HWA, please be a flower in our garden by becoming a HWA email subscriber and friend/fan the HWA page on FB.

The "announcements section" of the January: A New Page article promo'd the upcoming WOMB spotlight. The internet is a great way to draw attention to your mission. Yesterday,   blogger, Bill Van Loan, surprised us by showcasing this coming feature on his blog with very kind words and much appreciated link-love. Thank you, Bill! 

NOTE: The first 2010 WOMB company has been selected and will be featured soon. We are currently looking for the second 2010 WOMB.

Let HWA sprinkle a little water on your garden as you grow and put down roots!

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Loritta Richard

Small business loans can be used for a variety of things. The use of the money will be determined by the owner. Most people take out small business loans in order to fund the start up of a company in some way. Other people take out these loans when they need to do some repair or reconstruction work on the company. In the end, it is the owner or borrower that determines what the money will be used for and essentially in can be used on anything that has to do with the business.

Luci Weston

@April: Thank you April! That is a good idea. We are starting the campaign by networking with the HWA community. Our first WOMB company has been a subscriber from the early months of HWA. Her wonderful products and mission sparked the initial concept of WOMB...I was thinking "how can I get the word out and encourage other women at the same time?" Hence, the idea for WOMB bloomed.


Luci: I love this concept. Have you contacted the National Association of Women Business Owners about this? I think it is a wonderful way for women to express their vision. I will be sure to tell my local chapter about this terrific opportunity! Thank you.

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