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Wave Goodbye To Dry Hands: Quick Tips To Soothe Your Skin This Winter

The ABC's of Aging Gracefully: More Than Skin-deep

As another year has closed behind us, here is a wonderful list for making the most of the days ahead.

Venetian Mask with Hourglass

Avoid Botox

Bloom Late


Dance At Weddings

Eat More Chocolate

Fall In Love Again

Go Grey

Hold Hands


Jettison Grudges

Kiss Like You Mean It


Mend Fences

Nurture Friendships

Open Doors

Perspire With Aplomb

Quit Whining

Rekindle Romance

Spoil Babies

Teach Someone To Read

Upset Convention


Wear Red

EXpect Joy

Yield Gracefully

Zing   ~ Attribution Not Found

Which one is your favorite? Are you actively "living" this list? Is there one you'll add to your routine? Share with us!


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Luci Weston

@April: I agree! and Thx! I love this list because different ones speak to me on different days. The other day I was feeling "Zing" and today, it's "eXpect joy" -- And it has been a great day.


Dance no matter what, it is good for the body and soul :) Love them all. Thank you for a bit of inspiration!

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