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Weleda Baby Care Products Care For Your Baby

A Product Review by Staci, The Mom Squad

Baby with Weleda Baby Shampoo Tube 

It's been three years since I had my first child, Elle. Time has flown by! It has been a wonderful journey of ups and downs, trials and errors, but mostly, the greatest memories from the best years of my life. I have finally discovered a product line that I prefer for my children. It is Weleda Baby Care. It smells good, feels good, and leaves baby feeling soft and smelling so sweet! Plus, I trust the ingredients.

Last year, a friend sent me samples from the All Natural Product Show. The timing was perfect because I was concerned about parabens and other worrisome ingredients used in baby products. One of the samples was Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream. It is lightweight with Sweet Almond Oil, and it is the perfect cream for baby's delicate facial skin. Impressed with this product, I knew I had to try the rest of the line.

The first product I purchased was the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. I put it to the test on our two baby girls. It is formulated with the mildest organic and natural plant-based cleansers, so it's gentle and tear-free. The sweet almond oil absorbs quickly to keep your baby's skin from losing precious moisture. While it costs about $11- a tube, it only takes a small amount of the body wash to cover the baby's body and wash the hair. For us, a tube lasts about 3 months. Using a product from a company that offers a holistic approach to health and beauty since 1921 makes it worth the cost to me.

Next on my list was the Calendula Baby Cream for the whole body. Again, another great smelling and performing product for baby's tender or dry skin. I even use it on my hands to keep them from drying out, it keeps them looking and feeling smooth -- just like baby skin. According to their website, the "gentle organic chamomile flower extract soothes skin with its calming anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties." This cream definitely helped little baby, Cami, with some dry spots on her back and arms. By the way, that's Cami is in the picture trying to eat the tube -- you can see how much she likes Weleda!

The name Weleda comes from the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing. This totally makes sense once you experience their products. Well, I am off to buy the Calendula Diaper Care. At this point, I doubt I will be disappointed.

My babies trust me to make smart choices for them and I trust Weleda's standards of relying on nature to provide its benefits instead of using synthetic ingredients. If you try this product line, you will find that Weleda Baby Care products care for your baby, too.

Let us know if you have any other Weleda product recommendations, we'd love to hear from you!


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Luci Weston

@Anne: Don't they? Staci's review of Weleda has me curious to try the Baby Cream for my hands. I wash my hands so often during the winter, it is a challenge to keep them moisturized. This sounds like it might be the solution.

Anne Lyken-Garner

My youngest is 7, so thankfully I don't need baby care products. These sound amazing though.

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