Chick Flick Chat: Twilight - The Movie
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November: Mums and More

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

Purple mums 


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: Our 1st Birthday celebration surprised subscribed readers from NY to WA...Congrats to Donna & Jackie, I hope the tulips pop up beautifully in Spring. Congrats to Cindi, Patricia, Sheila, Joe, and John -- may you be In A Sentimental Mood all season long. Also, congrats to Janine, the September winner of a Blue Moon Candle, enjoy the Mint & Thyme essential oil blend -- it's fabulously fragrant!

Our October gift giving isn't over yet...The Chick Flick Chat featuring "Twilight - The Movie" has a tempting treat for 3 lucky listeners. New copies of Hot Blooded, a very steamy paranormal anthology, are being given away to 3 subscribers who email the "secret" word announced during the show. It's fun and easy, and the contest runs until December 15, 2009 -- so there is still time to listen. 

Guest Authors: Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, Marie-Christine Lochot, NCTMB, shares advice on how to stay stress free during the holiday season. Who can't use a little help in this area? We welcome Marie-Christine's return to HWA, she previously visited in July with helpful ways to have a successful Staycation.

Can't wait to unwrap an article by Indie Business guru, Donna Maria Coles Johnson. This busy CEO / MOM shares fun tips to making her daughter's birthday party a smash! 


Radio Show: Chick Flick Chat returns on Sunday, November 15, 2009 @6:30pm EST featuring the film, Revolutionary Road, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. If you haven't seen it, rent it now and be ready for a bumpy trip. Call in, 646-929-2473, there is a lot to chat about because this movie takes you on quite a ride!

Polls: The "Twilight" poll challenge is over and the votes are in...53 people voted -- the most at 36% said, "I probably won't read the book, but I want to see the movie" and the least amount at 8% said, "I only saw the movie, but I might still read the book." At 8%, it seems the movie is not inspiring people to read the book. Typically, a book is better than its movie version, and it holds true here, too.

The Thanksgiving Side-Dish poll is up and waiting for your votes. Chime in and tell us your favorites. My vote went to Chocolate Cream Pie, mmmm, pie.

Blog Banner Diet: You'll notice that the banner lost a bit off its bottom (now if we could all do that so easily!). This will streamline uploading for mobile device usage and overall speed. Hope you like the new look and it makes your HWA experience better.


Mums: November is the last chance to get potted mums planted into the ground. Just dig a hole and drop in, back fill with dirt, mulching helps, and wait until next year. Look for places in your garden that need a filler, gets sun each day, and allows room for growth. While most types of mums tolerate replanting, not all will return, and some bloom every couple of seasons, but these hardy blooms make it easy to give it a try. Happy Planting!

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Luci Weston

Stuffing is good, too! Thanks for voting. It's fun, right?

This weekend is planting time, otherwise they will be too old to take root. Plus, my bright burgundy mums are too pretty to not give them a chance.


Sorry...I voted for stuffing.
Preferably with apples and raisins.
As for mums...I don't think I could find room for another one...I've got them everywhere.

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