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FB Pages: Here We Are On Facebook

Friend, Fan, Follow...Join HWA on Facebook!

Who: That's you!! If you are on Facebook or thinking about joining, we invite you to also join the Here We Are page on Facebook.

What: The page is new and, like the blog, will evolve as it grows. We will be using it as a community board for the Here We Are readers to exchange info, opinions, support, etc. (see more on this in the How segment).

Where & How: Just click on the "Become a Fan" link on the new sidebar widget, sign into Facebook, and you're done! Fast, Free, and Easy! Participate as much or as little as you'd like -- of course, we want to hear from you, but no pressure.

Please feel free to share your photos, charity info, happy news, business announcements, job search, and anything else you would like to shout about (no direct sales pitches please). We ask that you keep it "G" rated, polite, current, and truthful -- check out our Blog Participation Request guidelines.

When: Now is the time. There is already a discussion topic posted, with more to come on all sorts of subjects. Currently, I am looking for suggestions on natural laundry detergent for an upcoming entry. Anyone use one you love? Hate? Tell us about it.

Why: The Here We Are page on Facebook expands the reach of this blog in an immediate way enabling readers to interact more easily. Often a question or topic needs some hashing out; the HWA page helps us to "talk" with you.

Look for our upcoming photo contest, fun giveaways, and the HWA book chat! While we want to see your smiling faces on the HWA page on Facebook, rest assured that we will not share them on the widget -- we respect you and know our boundaries.  

Thank you to those who have already joined the HWA page on Facebook & Welcome to our new friends, fans, followers...so happy to meet you!

NOTE: We LOVE your comments here on the HWA blog, so please keep them coming...and we look forward to some face time on Facebook.

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Luci Weston

@Ching Ya: Thank you so much! Your support is much appreciated. I've learned a lot about blogging from your expert advice!

Ching Ya

I've joined! Yay! So glad to be in the group. You've done so well and gradually working towards authority blogging. I'm so proud of you Luci. Keep it up and all the best in your future endeavors.

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