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Face To Face Meetings: Are You Seeing AND Being Seen?

Drawing of an Eye

Are you experiencing less attentiveness and manners during a face to face meeting? Do you leave feeling like the time could have been more productive? It seems that the more we connect on-line, the less we are connecting in person, both literally and figuratively. It might be time to brush up on a few tried and true techniques to help maximize your up close and personal business opportunities. 

Examine my recent guest post, Eye Contact: Optimizing The I To Eye Connection. There has been quite a bit of activity over this post at the Indie Business Network. You can't change the behavior of others, but you can increase the potential to make a connection with awareness and a bit of practice.

Are you recognizing a difference in people's face-to-face business etiquette? Are social media, wireless activity, and today's fast paced lifestyle contributing factors? Does it make you want to shout, "Put down the Blackberry and look at me," when in a meeting?

Eye it up and tell us how you see it.

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Luci Weston

@Janine: Thx! You are so right. Last spring, I had a similar incident in a parking lot. The person walked right in front of the car as I was pulling into a spot -- I didn't expect him to step off the walkway. He was busy texting. Thankfully, I stopped and he jumped out of the way in time. He even said, "I forgot to look" when I asked if he was okay. Message: Do NOT text when walking, driving, riding a bike, or skateboarding!

Janine N

Saw this on other blog where you guest posted, but I'm glad to see it here as well. Just this morning, I saw a woman walking to work, playing on her PDA and nearly got hit by a car because she wasn't paying attention. This is really becoming an issue behind the face to face interactions that we need to talk about - keep it up, Luci!

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