September: The Setting Sun of Summer
Emergency Plan: The Must Do PP List - From Panicked To Prepared

The Last Hoorah

Bee balm flowers

September tries its best to have us forget summer. ~ Bernard Williams

Enjoy the long weekend...finish that novel, take a long walk, have drinks with friends, sleep late, kiss someone, breathe deeply, have fun.

Indulge yourself, you deserve it!


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Luci Weston

@Lynn: It is bittersweet for me, too. I always mark my years by when school starts...just can't break the habit!


Yes, summer is over. Back to school, back to work, and back to schedules! As much as I love the fall, I'm always sad to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer!

Luci Weston

@Ching Ya: Ahh, the summer is over. It went so quickly this season, didn't it? Other than finishing a novel, I managed to do everything else on the list! I didn't realize it until I read your comment, so thank you for making me take a minute and reflect.

Ching Ya

Oh Luci, by reading it makes me feel I wanna have them all done at this very minute! Working 24/7 is no where as fun if we don't stop and relax ourselves thoroughly. I'm guessing you have your September all planned out? Looking forward to your sharing soon. ^^ Take great care my friend.

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