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September: The Setting Sun of Summer

Announcements, Updates & Reminders

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Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: Congratulations to the July Gift Giveaway winner, subscriber Emily of Delaware. She won the signed copy of Lisa Scottoline's latest best-seller, Look Again. Thank you to all the Here We Are subscribers who commented during July. So many wonderful books were suggested to add to our reading lists.

The August gift winner will be announced in the HWA October Announcements entry. The August gift is the Williams-Sonoma book, "Desserts." I chose this book in honor of our July Easy As Blueberry Pie recipe. The August gift is open to all subscribers, I hope the winner has a sweet tooth because the recipes are very tempting.

NOTE: We are looking for comments...Please post a comment on any article during the month of September for a chance to win the September gift. Remember, you have to be an HWA email subscriber to win. I haven't yet found the right gift, but I am sure it will be something good...So share your thoughts, suggestions, tips and hints!

Going Green Tip: Now is the time to opt out of receiving unsolicited telephone books. You know the ones that clutter up the closet shelf only to be left unused until next year's is delivered? Save some trees by opting out. It is easy and fast. Check out Yellow Pages Goes Green and click the "opt out" link. Fill in your info, then verify it by clicking the link in an email they send to you. Done!  

National Rice Month: September is National Rice month. In celebration, the USA Rice Federation is offering a scholarship to high school students, as well as a sweepstakes contest. This month, I will be writing a review of my latest gadget, a rice whether you love or hate yours, this will be a good chance to comment by sharing your own review or a favorite recipe.


Saying goodbye to summer is a good time to reflect on life and the changes ahead. Be it love or business that need a serious overhaul...we have some terrific guests scheduled for the September Here We Are Radio Show line up.

Sunday, Sept. 13: Divorce attorney Judith A. Hartz discusses the details of what to do and what not to do before you ask or are asked for a divorce. Ouch! Be sure to tune in here at 6:30pm EST.

NOTE: Because there is a lot of information to cover during 30 minute shows - we may not take be sure to email me your questions ahead of time. (See the email link at the top left corner of any HWA page - next to my favicon.)


Sept. 13: Remember to pick up a card or make a call, it's National Grandparent's Day. Check out this Grandparent site for some fun ideas.

September is National Women's Friendship Month. Is there someone to whom you owe a call or an email? Here's your chance to get reacquainted. One of the most popular HWA articles has been and continues to be BFF + RSS = RFF...Reconnecting Female Friendship. I offer this as a reminder to pause, be grateful, and reach out to the female friends in your life.

So long summer, hello to the new fall season!


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