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Much To Do About Divorce: Positioning Yourself Before You Ask Or Are Asked

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Matrimonial and family law attorney, Judith A. Hartz, filled us in on important steps to take before or after the difficult decision to divorce is made. Have a paper and pen ready, you will want to take notes -- there is a lot to do!

Judith Hartz is a partner at Kozyra & Hartz. She has been specializing in the area of family law for 19 years. She won the 2005 Family Lawyer of the Year award; co-authored several articles on the issue of custody; and serves as an editor on the New Jersey Family Lawyer publication. 

If you are remotely considering this option, or if you were recently served with divorce papers -- this show is packed with useful information. Happily married? Then email this post to a friend who may not be. He or she will thank you.

{This legal information is being presented by Here We Are as a service to its readers and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice. It is not meant to substitute for competent legal counsel from a licensed attorney in your state. You should neither act nor rely on any of the information without first consulting a lawyer who will apply the current laws to your specific circumstance or situation.}



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Luci Weston

@Staci: Thanks! Yes, Judith Hartz was a terrific guest. She offered so much info on the topic. The list of steps to take before and after serving divorce papers will certainly help someone develop a plan of action. I meant it when I said have a pen and paper handy, you definitely want to take notes.

So glad you forwarded the show to your friend. I am sure no matter which position she is in, the radio show content will be a big help to her.


This was so informative, Luci!!! I forwarded to a friend. I think she will find it very helpful.

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