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Baskets of peaches at market


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts: Congratulations to the Here We Are JUNE Gift Giveaway winner, subscriber Lisa of CA. The June gift is a summer purse from Coach. It's fun and stylish and may she enjoy it for many seasons to come.

The JULY winner of the signed Lisa Scottoline book, Look Again, will be announced in the HWA September Announcements entry. Thank you to all the subscribed commenters for sharing your thoughts and ideas throughout the month of July, one of you will be getting the "gift recipient" email soon.

Speaking of books...Our May gift winner, Bionic Beauty, ran a contest on her blog for the signed Kathy Ireland book, Real Solutions for Busy Moms. Since the Bionic Beauty is many things but not a Mom, she decided to offer her May gift to her readers. They, too, shared their summer reading lists with fellow readers. Congrats to winner, VeeDee - Enjoy! Wow. So many books to read, so little time!

NOTE: The August Gift is open to all email subscribers, but keep your comments coming, we love to hear from you!

Radio Show: It's getting time for another, Chick Flick Chat, the Here We Are Radio Series where we discuss women's roles in film. Our next selection is the new film, Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Join us live on Sunday, August 23, at 6:30pm EST, to dish, detail, and discuss this film (we usually cover films out on DVD or On-Demand, but this one seems like a good summertime "Chick" flick - so what the heck!). NOTE: You do not have to "sign in" to Blog Talk Radio to listen or call in, just go to the page and hit the widget arrow to listen on-line or dial (646)-929-2473 and listen by phone - PRESS #1 if you want to chat!

Check out our recent Chick Flick Chat featuring the many women starring in "He's Just Not That Into You." We had our first live caller, Chrissy, join us...thank you for sharing your thoughts on love, marriage, and how this film moved you.


Blog Notice #1: Microphone for BTR shows From now on, when you see this "microphone" picture on the blog, it indicates the Here We Are Radio Show is linked to that entry. The audio widgets were not always working. In order to supply our listeners/readers with immediate access and the correct content, please use the "CLICK Here" link next to this picture to listen to that show. Thanks and we apologize for any inconvenience. Check out "Social Networking: How The Net Tangles Up The Workplace" to see it in action.

Blog Notice #2: You might notice a slight decrease in the amount of entries for the month of August - no worries, we are always on the look out for information to make your life better, brighter and easier. FYI, we are beginning the preparation to add video to Here We Are this fall and a little extra time is required to devote to this important part of the blog. So stay with us and stay tuned! THX!


August is National Peach Month and there are lots of ways to enjoy peaches. Besides picking up a basket at the farmers market, you could plan a day trip for peach picking. If you are planning a Staycation, then picking your own might be a fun and nutritious outing.

Also, if you liked our "Blueberry Easy As Pie" sister-in-law, Lynn, says you can substitute the blueberries with fresh peaches. Just peel them and follow the rest of the directions. That is "Easy as Peach Pie" - thanks Lynn! Um mm, peaches! 



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