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Ten Tips For A Successful "Staycation"

 - by Marie-Christine Lochot, NCTMB (republished with permission)

Gingerbread house with gumdrops

This year with the slowdown of the economy more people are staying home during their vacation. There are advantages to staying home besides saving money: no stressful traveling, no jet lag, no need to pack, and also a chance to discover what is in your backyard and to enjoy your home.

1. Take care of your household chores beforeyour staycation starts.
2.Do not schedule a home/garden project.
3. Rest, try to just "be."
4. Shut off the Blackberry, stay off the email.
5. Have a day without a plan, be spontaneous.
6. Don't set your alarm clock, sleep as long as you need.
7. Take day trips. If you need ideas, go to Roadside America.
8. Enjoy your town: restaurants, museums, parks, and shops.
9. Schedule a massage.
10. Have a potluck dinner with friends you never have time to see - celebrate, have fun.

Bon Voyage!


What is your plan this summer? Are you too busy to plan an "away" vacation? Do you have a fun staycation tip? Share your ideas and experiences with us!


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Thanks for the tips

Deirdre G

That was the yummiest house I've ever seen lol. Thanks for the tips. I'll make one to surprise my children.

Deirdre G

Ching Ya

Dear Luci,
What a nice word - Staycation! I love it! Truth is, I haven't been to any places this year, not even towns nearby due to busy schedule. Funny that I never thought about Staycation at all! Sounds perfect! Well, I did a couple of those as Marie suggested yesterday, did another 1-2 more today.. and most of all, be spontaneous! But still having trouble neglecting the emails though, it's piled up like crazy just as we speak. =P

Brilliant job on the Talk Radio,I'm dying to watch the movie otherwise I'll join in the chat with you guys.

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