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June: Iced Tea and Other Goodies

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June 1 - 30: It's National Iced Tea Month! Time to get out the iced tea brewing machine or the sun tea jar, make some fresh ice, and snip the peppermint leaves for garnish. No time to brew your own? Then treat yourself at Starbucks to one of their Tazo brand refreshing blends. Either way, there are real benefits to sipping tea, hot or cold.

HINT: Use simple syrup to sweeten iced tea southern style. Not only is "Sweet Tea" delicious, it eliminates the problem of undissolved sugar at the bottom of the glass.

Combine 1 part sugar to 1 part water, Heat until sugar is dissolved (do not boil), Stir well, Let cool, Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, A little goes a long way - so adjust sweetness according to taste -- TIP: Add peppermint leaves to the cooking step to infuse the syrup with an extra hint of mint (remove leaves before storing)

Radio Show: Announcing Here We Are's upcoming radio show, "Calling All Women: What You Must Know About Your Body & Synthetic Hormones And How Herbs Can Help." Our guest, Herbalist, Cynthia Johnston, will fill us in on how to feel better the natural way - no matter what age you are!

Cynthia is the owner of MoonMaid Botanicals, bringing women products that are good for the body, good for the environment. NOTE: The episode will also be posted here on the website once it has aired on Blog Talk Radio.


Jala Designs Winner is a Here We Are reader! A regular Here We Are reader and subscriber entered the Jala Designs Not Like Any Other Mother - Mother's Day Contest and won! She will be receiving jewelry of her choice valued up to $165. Congratulations to Suzyblujeanz for your amazing entry about your father. Yes, her father! Thank you to Suzy for graciously sharing your winning entry with us:

When the second Sunday in May rolls around, I make it a point to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my father. Even though father's have their own day designated for parental celebration, the impact my father has had on my life deserves more than merely one day.

Our story began when I was a young girl with an absent mother. In an awkward stage and with no one to turn to, my father took me bra shopping. When it came time for the prom, he was beside me again, riffling through dresses and holding one up. It was a dark floral number complete with a doily trimmed collar buttoned up to the neck. Yikes! There's no forgetting that he was the shoulder I cried on the very first time my heart was broken by a boy. Even today, whether coming home to display my latest clothing purchase, new haircut or nail polish color, my father always shares my enthusiasm even if it is all Greek to him. Now don't get me wrong, he still plays the traditional male role of Dad. Taking me to the mechanic when my car needs fixing, providing me with DIY home repair advice, and watching the Super Bowl together.

We still talk every night...ours is a bond that ranks with the strongest of mother/daughter relationships. What Dad has taught me most is that a parent's influence doesn't not hinge on being male or female, but on the capacity to nurture their child's soul.

Gift Giveaway NewsThe May gift, a signed copy of Kathy Ireland's book will be determined soon from our May commenters. The gift for June is open to all subscribers, but please keep those comments coming...we love hearing from you. Remember, you must be subscribed by email to be eligible to receive a gift. 

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