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"Chick" Flick Chat: "Rachel Getting Married"

Chick Flick Chat Mic CLICK here to listen to Chick Flick Chat (a new spin-off show from the Here We Are Radio Show) featuring the movie, "Rachel Getting Married."

Like to discuss movies but no time to see the latest theater releases? No worries. This new radio show series features movies already on DVD and On-Demand... And the occasional "hot" movie that we can't wait to see! We will be selecting from a variety of genres, but the discussion is focused on the women's roles and the roles they play in that film.

So whether you like comedy, drama, action, or thriller movies...join Luci and her Chick Flick Chat co-host, Susan, a film and pop culture enthusiast, to chat about everything from the acting to relationships, wardrobe, and more. 

Come chat with us...At the beginning of each month, the selected "movie" will be announced in the "Announcements, Updates, & Reminders" entry (first entry of every month) along with the scheduled date of the radio show. You are invited to call in (details to follow) to share your thoughts and impressions. We'd love to hear from you!

Check out the first episode of Here We Are'sChick Flick Chat featuring "Rachel Getting Married," starring Anne Hathaway. You can listen to the full episode byclicking the link next to the picture above or visit our Here We Are "station" page at Blog Talk Radio.

NOTE 1: We are working on the opening music, we know a minute is too long.

NOTE 2: Since this was the first show of this series, there are no call-ins on this episode, but we look forward to hearing from you on our July show!

If you've seen this film, share your thoughts in our comments section. Love it, hate it...tell us what you think!

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Janine N

Great radio show! I will definitely watch this movie (probably on a rainy day - ha ha!)

I look forward to the next movie pick so I can call in and talk with you & Sue about it!

Luci Weston

@Amorette: Thanks! I am excited, too...it was a lot of fun. Sue and I look forward to having you, and other Here We Are readers join us on the next Radio Show.

@Donna Maria: I will take you up on that...making a note right now to email you with the July date as soon as it is set. Thanks so much!

Donna Maria @ Indie Business

Hi Luci!

This is awesome! I'm so excited to see your radio show launch. If you'd like to post them at http://ww.indiebeauty.com in the Events Calendar so I can highlight them when I send out the community updates, that would be great. I missed the June show so hope I can catch the one in July. I'll be looking forward to it.

Amorette F

This is an exciting new feature on your website. Your first review was very candid and informative (more so than a typical movie review). I look forward to listening to your radio show and making "Movie Night" plans.

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