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5 Helpful "Busy Morning" Tips To Get Mom Out The Door With Ease

A Post By Staci - The Mom Squad

Open door on nighttime backgroundAre your mornings hectic? Have you ever run out the door half-dressed, breakfast in one hand, and the home phone in the other? Maybe you work at home attempting to stay organized AND one step ahead of the little ones so no one becomes "unhappy?" LOL, we've all been there!

Here are five helpful "busy morning" tips to get you and the family out the door with ease. While each may seem obviously simple, when combined into a daily routine, they become powerful assets for organization and saving time (+ your morning sanity!):

1. Put up a cork board in an easy-to-see area. Attach a big calendar to it. Fill it in with activities, play dates, and events as they come up for all of your family members. Use a different color highlighter pen for each family member. My husband, for example, checks the board for his orange highlights each night so he is prepared for his assigned activities or appointments. With one glance, we can see where each of us will be the next day and when we have to be there!

Attach all invitations, notices, or other paperwork to the cork board. Pin it up as soon as it arrives. This keeps it all in one place and you can see it next to the calendar listings. Double BONUS: (1) It helps with clutter because it isn't piling up on a desk somewhere. (2) It saves you time because it allows you to easily find the information weeks later without searching for it.

2. Check the calendar every night so you can prepare the clothes you or your children need for the next day. If the kids are old enough, this is a good habit to get them into so they learn to plan ahead. Getting an outfit ready the night before can go a long way to making the morning more pleasant.

This is also the best time to gather backpacks, homework, weather related items like snow boots, gloves, flip flops, sun hats, etc. Place them near the door in an organized line up so each person can "grab and go."

3.  Prepare lunches after dinner when the kitchen is still messy. Get your morning coffee measured out; if possible, preset the coffee machine timer. The smell of fresh brewed coffee can be a wonderful eye-opener. It helps me wake up on the right side of the bed...and we all know that when Mama is happy, everyone is happy!

4. Love your TO-DO List!! Prepare it the night before when the kids are in bed. You will have a more productive day as you narrow down and focus on the important things that must get done. Only include realistic To-Do's for the next day. This helps you end each day knowing you accomplished something...Be grateful for any To-Do items you check off the list - it was a good day!

TIP: Do NOT list big projects like "paint the bathroom" or "measure for carpeting." Include these items on a "home repair" list  - you don't need to remind yourself about tasks that you will not complete on an average day.

5. The iRobot Roomba is my new best friend!! This vacuuming robot moves in small circular patterns as it makes its way around the room doing the work for you. I put it into the family room while we are in the kitchen having breakfast so the room is vacuumed when the kids move in there to play. It does a good job between big vacuuming days, makes me feel like I am cleaning up without having to put out much effort, and is a very helpful gadget for those of us that have a hard time keeping up with housework with so much else going on!

At first, some of these tips may take away from your nighttime relaxation, but the extra effort will alleviate hectic activity, rushing, and stress as you get everyone out the door. Plus, a deserving Mom like you could indulge in an afternoon nap to make up for that lost time, right? Riiiiight!!!

Help other busy Moms and share your "busy morning" tips with us!

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Luci Weston

@Kim: Good one! How simple and yet, it will help so much in the morning. Thanks!!!

Kim McKay

I also recommend setting the breakfast table the night before. Get all the bowls, spoons, cups, and cereal boxes set up ahead of time and save lots of time each morning.

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