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End of April Announcements, Updates and Reminders

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April 22: Earth Day is here again! While Earth Day may only be listed as a one day event -  we must all try new ways of "going green" every day of the year. 

Check out this list of easy ways to start the "going green" process to save the earth. Many of them you know, but how many are you actually doing? Did you know that by setting your thermostat just 2 degrees lower in the winter and increasing it by 2 degrees in the summer months can reduce your carbon footprint by 2,000 pounds? Seems easy enough! Bonus: We save $$, too!

Take the fun and eye-opening ecological footprint quiz that helps you understand your carbon footprint. Even with recent changes, my number was 18.8 global acres and 4.2 planets to keep my lifestyle going. Yikes! Time to make more changes. Take the quiz and let us know your numbers in the comments section...we are all in this together!

Also on April 22: Don't forget your support staff...It's Administrative Professional Day, too!

April 24: Plant a tree, it's Arbor Day! If you can't plant a tree, then add a houseplant to your decor! Both offer an easy way to remove carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen into the atmosphere...just plant and let these living, breathing green machines do their thing!

If your plants turn into dried kindling, then you can celebrate all year by sending Give-A-Tree cards. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, every card purchased plants a tree in our National Forests in the recipients name. There is a lovely line up for all occasions. Bonus: Save $$ - Right now they are offering an overstock selection at discounted prices. 

April 26: The March of Dimes April March is on and in full step toward another life saving campaign. This 70 year young organization has raised a staggering $1.8 Billion! An amazing .77 of every dollar you give supports research and programs.

YOU CAN make another woman's life better, brighter and easier by helping her achieve a full-term pregnancy and comfort other mothers with premature babies. Your donation can help the March of Dimes stomp out spina bifida, respiratory distress syndrome, heart defects, blindness, underdeveloped organs, and more.

I learned about this worthy cause because of a beautiful 3 yr. old girl named Hannah. She is with us today and thriving due to the efforts, research, and support of the the March of Dimes. You can join her family, friends, and supporters for an ocean-side walk on April 26 at 9:30 in Belmar, NJ. Meet Team Hannah at the boardwalk Pavilion (you will know it when you see it). Check out the Team Hannah link for more information on the ways you can help. So please walk, march, smile at your healthy child, and give - a little can go a long way to saving a baby.


Update & Reminder

1. If you are just deciding to take advantage of our Blue Moon Candle discount, you can also click through the new sidebar link to jump to the entry. Scroll down and you will find the information you need to purchase the best Organic Wax candles you will find anywhere - fabulously flavored with Essential Oils and sprinkled with Aventurine stones to enhance your good fortune!

Hurry, Mother's Day is fast approaching on May 10, get yours now before this offer expires on May 31, 2009.

2. Our Radio Show topic, "Much To Do About Divorce - Positioning Yourself Before You Ask or Are Asked!" is coming soon. Stay tuned, our guest, Judith Hartz, Esq., will be helping our listeners navigate this tricky time as soon as she completes representing a client in a current divorce trial. Here We Are will post the episode for you to hear as soon as it is aired. 

In the meantime, be sure to listen to our recent show, "Social Networking: How the Net Tangles Up The Workplace." 

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15.2 global acres and 3-4 planets....interesting quiz.

Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: I agree...every little bit counts. Share your cleaning product likes and dislikes with us...there are so many to choose from these days, it is hard to decide which ones to buy.


I've gone very green in the last couple of years...I recycle everything I can, avoid plastic bags and have switched to all natural cleaning products. It's a bandwagon we all need to jump on.

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